Donte Whitner on Colin Kaepernick posing nude: 'I would never do that'

49ers safety Donte Whitner would prefer to keep his clothes on. (USATSI)
49ers safety Donte Whitner would prefer to keep his clothes on. (USATSI)

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn't seem to have any problem stripping down to nothing and posing nude for ESPN the Magazine's annual Body Issue. However, being naked isn't for everyone.

Take 49ers safety Donte Whitner for instance. He was asked this week if he'd ever pose for something like the Body Issue. 

"I would never do that," Whitner said on the Bull and Fox radio show. "To each his own. I don't know about all the naked pictures and the lower body. I'm a little bit against that, but to each his own."

The 49ers veterans report to training camp July 24, and when that happens there's a good chance Kaepernick will be the butt of a naked joke or two with the older players, "He's the man right now, and that's what he chose to do," Whitner said of Kaepernick. "But he's going to receive some flak in the locker room." 

Whitner may not see eye-to-eye with his quarterback on the whole posing nude thing, but he does agree with Kaepernick when it comes to hat-gate -- otherwise known as the Fourth of July celebration where Kaepernick was photographed wearing a Dolphins hat. 

"I agree with both sides on it," Whitner said. "I agree with his point of view that 'I go out here and I bust my butt each and every day and give everything to my football team, I should be able to wear whatever I want.'"

Whitner's going into his third season with the 49ers after spending the first five years of his career in Buffalo. 

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