The lawsuit between Eli Manning and a group of memorabilia collectors who claim the Giants quarterback defrauded them is over before it can reach the stage at which a jury would rule on whether or not Manning did in fact defraud the collectors. 

That's because Manning and the Giants and the other parties involved have agreed to a settlement with Eric Inselberg, Michael Jakab and Sean Godown. 

"Eric Inselberg, Michael Jakab and Sean Godown have resolved all claims in their pending litigation against the New York Giants, Eli Manning, John Mara, William Heller, Joseph Skiba, Edward Skiba and Steiner Sports, in accordance with a confidential settlement agreement reached today," the Giants said in a statement, via Pro Football Talk. "The compromise agreement, entered into by all parties, should not be viewed as supporting any allegations, claims or defenses. All parties are grateful to have the matter, which began in 2014, concluded and are now focused on football, the fans and the future."

The statement from the Giants cannot be found on their website currently. 

A settlement is always interesting. Many will likely speculate about the Giants admitting something by settling the case, especially with fairly minimal legal costs coming, relative to a case that's been going on since 2014. 

But oftentimes a settlement is just that: a payment designed to eliminate the hassle of the trail. The Giants also may have felt that a jury would end up siding with the common man in this case, rather than the superstar quarterback and NFL team loaded with money, regardless of the outcome.

That in and of itself would be a decent reason to settle. Regardless, you can expect that any settlement with the Giants featured some kind of non-disclosure agreement attached, which may mean that the case just drifts off into the maw. 

At the very least the case will now be out of the headlines, which is exactly the way that the Giants want it.