Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, is turning 40 on Thursday. Rob Gronkowski, arguably the most explosive tight end ever, is Brady's favorite target and teammate. So naturally, Gronk will give Brady a birthday gift when the two see each other on Thursday, right?

It turns out Brady might have to wait until September to open his present. But that doesn't mean Gronk's gift isn't a good one.

On Wednesday, Gronk revealed what he got Brady for his birthday: touchdowns.

In their time playing together, Brady and Gronk have connected for 67 touchdowns. No other player has caught more touchdowns from Brady than Gronk. The next closest player? Randy Moss with 39.

Now, there's certainly an argument to be made that Brady is the one giving Gronk touchdowns considering he's the one throwing the ball, but that argument is refuted by touchdowns like this one:

NFL Films

And this one:

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And this one:

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Hopefully, Brady can keep defying the process of aging and Gronk can overcome his back issues so that the two can combine on many more touchdowns in the future. After all, the duo is only two touchdowns away from reaching Gronk's favorite number.