There are plenty of things that have gone wrong for the Washington Redskins this season. After Sunday's loss to the New York Jets, Washington is 1-9 and there's not a whole lot of reason to believe things are going to get much better.

One of the more concerning Redskins highlights (or lowlights, I suppose) from this weekend came in the form of a video captured on the Washington sideline after the offense came off the field. In the video, 'Skins quarterback Dwyane Haskins can be seen addressing the team's offensive line, apparently pleading with them to step up and perform better.

Much of what Haskins says to the team is inaudible (or at least up for interpretation) but at one point he can clearly be heard asking the linemen "what do I have to do to help you?"

The issue here is not so much Haskins calling out his teammates and asking them to be better -- something that is certainly warranted, as the line's protection has plenty of room for improvement -- but more so the way his teammates responded to his pleas. Or, more precisely... their lack of response.

As the first-year starter is addressing the line, his words appear to be falling on deaf ears. The line looks disengaged and disinterested in what he has to say. From what we see in the video, the quarterback barely gets any response at all.

Obviously, it's hard to fully dissect a relationship and a situation based on a short video, but this certainly isn't a great look for the Redskins or the guys they have lining up on the frontlines on offense. If they consider Haskins to be their franchise quarterback moving forward, they're probably going to want to make sure that there's more of a connection between the line and the guy they're supposed to protect.