Steve Smith on NFL Draft pick D.J. Moore: Panthers haven't replaced me 'until today'

The Panthers took Maryland wide receiver D.J. Moore with the 24th pick in the NFL Draft, which is a match made in heaven, because former Panthers receiver Steve Smith had been singing his praises all night. He said that Moore had a Ph.D. in route running, he called Moore his spirit animal, he said whoever drafted him would have "instant grits all day long," but when Moore went to Carolina, Smith gave his greatest endorsement yet:

"They have never been able to replace me... until today."

If you know anything about Steve Smith, that's a massive thing to say. Smith holds every major Panthers receiving record, including games played, receptions, yards and touchdowns. More than anything else, he also holds the record for largest chip on his shoulder, and if Smith thinks that the Panthers replaced him, then they can expect a lot from Moore.

Since Smith left, the Panthers have tried to replace him. Kelvin Benjamin didn't quite pan out, and Devin Funchess was never a No. 1 option. Moore brings incredible hands and speed to that offense, and Cam Newton might finally have a guy that can run underneath his cannon arm.

The biggest thing that Smith just did? He put the NFC on notice. If he's right and Moore is a Panther for a "long, long time," then NFC South fans might have a new guy to hate twice a year.

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