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Fantasy Football Today
by Chris Towers | CBSSports.com

If you went to bed early Sunday night, you missed some of Peyton Manning's best play of the season. The 39-year-old, who continues to be dogged by questions about his arm strength, completed 31 of 42 passes for 324 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He finished the win over the Lions with season-highs in completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating, and also had his first completion of the season beyond 25 yards.

Manning has steadily improved in each game, both statistically and via the eye test, and though he doesn't look anything like peak-Peyton -- or last year's version, to be honest -- he's done enough to at least put aside fears that he is totally cooked. That and the defense's continued dominance is the good news for the Broncos.

And then there's the running game. The Broncos were held below 70 yards on the ground for the third straight game in Week 3, as the offensive line continues to generate little push and the running backs continue to look plodding at best. First-round Fantasy pick C.J. Anderson once again managed nothing, rushing the ball eight times for 18 yards; backup Ronnie Hillman added insult to injury by vulturing a touchdown, the first on the ground for the team through three games.

It is too early to panic about Anderson, especially when you look back at the start Eddie Lacy got off to last season; he averaged just 40.3 yards per game on 3.04 yards per carry through four games and then went off for 113 all-purpose yards per game from that point on, scoring 12 touchdowns in 12 games. There is the little factor of Lacy playing with Aaron Rodgers in an offense we could reasonably assume would be one of the league's best.

With Manning not looking like the same player he was in years past, can we assume the same thing for Anderson? There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about this situation for him right now.  

1. Maybe you shouldn't sell high on Larry Fitzgerald

In this space last week, I suggested that Fantasy players should look into selling high on Fitzgerald, who got off to a ridiculously hot start and seemed destined to come back to Earth eventually. Maybe he will come back down eventually, but it wasn't in Week 3, as he went out for nine more catches, 134 more yards and two more touchdowns. Over his last 16 games with Carson Palmer under center, Fitzgerald is has 98 receptions for 1,277 yards and 12 touchdowns, numbers that would represent his third, fifth and second-best for a full season in his career, respectively. My brain still says Fitzgerald can't possibly keep this up, but Palmer seems to have revitalized his career, and the results are extremely promising so far. -Chris Towers 

2. Devonta Freeman could take the job and run with it

One of the reasons often cited for the Falcons' selection of Tevin Coleman in this year's draft is that Freeman, at 5-feet-8, couldn't handle a full workload. He more than handled it, though, with Coleman sidelined by a fractured rib in Week 3. His 30 carries were the most for any Falcons running back since the height of the Michael Turner era in 2010 and resulted in 141 yards and three touchdowns. Pass-catcher that he is, he had 35 total touches, which is something Turner never did. It was a performance reminiscent of the ones another 5-feet-8 back, C.J. Anderson, had down the stretch last season. Perhaps most telling is that Freeman did it against a Cowboys defense that entered the game ranked No. 1 against the run. At the very least, this performance earns him a larger share of the workload whenever Coleman returns, and if Coleman's fractured rib keeps him out several more weeks, Freeman could win the job outright. -Scott White

3. Disappointing tight ends got their revenge

If the first few weeks were all about the new class of tight ends asserting themselves, Week 3 was about the old guard restoring order. Declarations of Jimmy Graham as a bust in Seattle are likely to be a lot quieter after his seven-catch, 83-yard performance Sunday, and he now has eight targets in two of his first three games; he's fine. Olsen is too, in case eight receptions for 134 yards and a pair of scores didn't make that abundantly clear. He's the Panthers' best receiver by a mile, and has a good chance to eclipse last season's 84-1,008-6 line. - Chris Towers

4. Andy Dalton is the quarterback you wish you had

I'm not speaking to the Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and, yes, Andrew Luck owners out there. Maybe not even the Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan and, yes, Carson Palmer owners. But for the other 50 percent of us who need a quarterback -- and especially those who drafted Tony Romo or Ben Roethlisberger -- Dalton, with his eight touchdowns to one interception through three games, could be a godsend. It's not like this sort of production is completely foreign to him. He was a top-five quarterback in standard CBSSports.com leagues two years ago, when he threw for 4,300 yards and 33 touchdowns, and now has more weapons than ever with the return of Marvin Jones from injury and the emergence of tight end Tyler Eifert, who wasn't even needed Sunday with A.J. Green going off. What's stopping him from doing it again? -Scott White

5. David Johnson isn't happening yet

Coaches have tendencies, and Fantasy players who can identify them are going to be at an advantage when it comes to those tendencies. With Bruce Arians, it's pretty clear at this point he doesn't want to hand a significant role to a rookie running back; he leaned on a cooked Rashard Mendenhall in 2013 when Andre Ellington was gashing the NFL for huge gains every time he touched the ball. That's just a sample size of one, but we're seeing that sample double this season with David Johnson, another talented rookie who has broken games open with every touch. Unfortunately, he has just 17 touches through three games on offense, or 36 fewer than Chris Johnson. With Ellington expected back from his knee injury this season, don't plan on Johnson being useful for a while. - Chris Towers

6. Giovani Bernard isn't going away

The Bengals' strong running game is another reason I'm optimistic about Dalton, but the problem for Fantasy owners is that first-round pick Jeremy Hill isn't the reason it's strong. Giovani Bernard -- who, remember, was the one we were all targeting in the first round last year -- has not only outperformed Hill the last two weeks but also out-carried him, 33-22. He was supposed to be just the change-of-pace guy, someone to come in and catch balls out of the backfield in obvious passing situations, but he has clearly been the more effective runner of the two, averaging 5.7 yards per carry to Hill's 3.0. And because Bernard was a candidate for a bigger workload early last year, it's reason to wonder if the Bengals might shy away from Hill completely. More likely, the two will continue to split carries in some form or fashion, but either way, Hill's stock isn't rebounding any time soon. -Scott White

7. Joseph Randle survives another week

Running behind what should be the best line in the league, Joseph Randle looked like a non-factor in the first two games, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry and leading to some chatter about Christine Michael's eventual chances to take the job. I still like Michael's chances, but Randle should have put those concerns to rest for at least one more week after his 87-yard, three-touchdown game -- even if 85 of those yards came on his first three carries. Start Randle as a low-end RB, but don't expect him to look like a star every week. - Chris Towers

8. Dion Lewis hasn't locked up anything

Granted, Lewis may not have even gotten the opportunity if Blount wasn't suspended for Week 1, but then when the virtual unknown was great in that game and Blount returned with only two carries in Week 2, you had to wonder if Bill Belichick was open to something as un-Belichick-like as having one running back carry the load. And now you're probably wondering how you could have been so naive. Granted, Blount's three-touchdown performance wasn't everything it seemed. All 13 of Lewis' touches came in the first half, when Blount had only two of his team-high 18 carries, but just because the scoreboard dictated the distribution this time doesn't mean it will next time, especially now that Blount has reminded the Patriots what he can do. Lewis is still the preferred Fantasy option of the two, but he may become too unreliable to use outside of PPR leagues. -Scott White

9. The Raiders are building something special 

Through three games, the Raiders' rebuild looks to be coming along swimmingly. Quarterback Derek Carr ranks eighth in the league in passer rating; Latavius Murray ranks  fourth in rushing yards; Amari Cooper ranks eighth in receiving yards. Carr looks dramatically improved in the early going, with two of the best games of his career in the first three, and Cooper and Murray are playing huge roles. I don't feel comfortable relying on Carr for Fantasy just yet, but he at least looks capable enough to get the ball to Cooper, who might not need long to cement his place as one of the best receivers in the league. Both he and Murray look like must-start players. - Chris Towers

10. You're wasting your time with the Vikings passing game

Teddy Bridgewater entered the year as a popular breakout candidate after the way he closed out his rookie season. But at the time, the Vikings were without their best offensive weapon, running back Adrian Peterson, and the effect his return would have on the rest of the offense was one of the more overlooked storylines of the preseason. The Vikings are back to their old game plan of handing the ball to Peterson 25-to-30 times and letting him go to work. At some point, they'll be playing from behind and have to pass, like in Week 1 at San Francisco, but this is clearly the way they want to win and they're 2-1 doing it. If the reasonable expectation for Bridgewater in a given week is 150-to-200 yards, needless to say his weapons will suffer. Charles Johnson already looks like a lost cause, and Mike Wallace is probably droppable in shallower leagues as well. -Scott White

by Chris Towers | CBSSports.com

Losing a franchise quarterback for any amount of time is going to be a big blow, but with how well Ben Roethlisberger has been playing so far, he might be as close to irreplaceable as a player can get in the NFL right now. And, when the player replacing him is Michael Vick, well… the Steelers might be in some trouble for the next few weeks. 

Based on a four-week timetable for his return from a sprained knee, the Steelers are going to lose out on a lot with Roethlisberger's injury. Our Sportsline projections have the Steelers' odds of making the playoffs dropping from 51.8 percent to 34.7 with Vick starting four games in Roethlisberger's place, with an average drop of 5.0 points per game for the offense. That will obviously have big Fantasy repercussions, as you can see here from the rest of the projections:

Sportsline projections
Roethlisberger 20.8 6 96 143 67.10% 1192 6.9 2.9 12
Vick 16.7 16 82 134 61.20% 973 4.8 3.3 53
DIFFERENCE -4.1 10 -14 -9 -5.90% -219 -2.1 0.4 41

Vick's ability to run the ball helps boost his Fantasy appeal a bit, though our projection system isn't terribly high on him in that regard; he is projected for just 53 rushing yards in four games. However, the Steelers have enough weapons around Vick that he might still be able to remain Fantasy relevant, as his No. 16 ranking at the position illustrates. Antonio Brown can make any quarterback look better, and Le'Veon Bell is the best check-down option in the league. The return of Martavis Bryant also helps in this regard, and Vick is ultimately projected for 16.7 Fantasy points per game.

If you're looking to replace Roethlisberger, Vick probably shouldn't be your first choice. With Derek Carr looking much improved and surrounded by real weapons in his second season, he would be my top target at 37-percent owned. However, if you need a bye-week replacement or No. 2 quarterback, Vick might be worth a roll of the dice. 

Sportsline projections
w/ Roethlisberger 14.7 2 31 435 14 2.6
w/ Vick 11.9 3 28 366 13.1 1.9
DIFFERENCE -2.8 1 -3 -69 -1 -0.7

The drop in rank from No. 2 to 3 isn't huge, but 2.8 Fantasy points per game isn't an insignificant dropoff either. If you own Brown, you likely used a first round pick or something close to that to acquire him, so this injury could be particularly devastating. Vick threw the ball six times in Week 3, and only one of those passes went Brown's way; it fell incomplete. Brown is still one of the toughest covers in the league, and Vick has enough arm to hit him downfield when he gets behind the offense. Still, you have to imagine the Steelers will throw the ball significantly less often with Vick, and a large part of Brown's appeal was the huge pass volume. This injury hurts him more than anyone, though that doesn't mean you should be looking to bench him. He should still be a top-five wide receiver, but  all of a sudden, there's downside to a guy who should be the safest receiver in the league. 

Sportsline projections
w/ Roethlisberger 17.6 1 69 300 4.3 2.7 20 211 0.5
w/ Vick 14.8 2 65 264 4.1 2.1 18 178 0.4
DIFFERENCE -2.8 1 -4 -36 -0.3 -0.6 -2 -33 -0.1

If there is one player who might not lose out much with Vick under center, you would think it would be Bell. Running quarterbacks tend to open things up for their running backs, increasing their efficiency, and a stacked box means more potential for a big play if Bell can find his way into the second level. Our projections are conservative on Bell, but the bulk of his step back doesn't really come from a drop in per-touch production; he just isn't expected to find the end zone as much.

Given the expect dropoff in the offense overall, that isn't exactly a shock. Bell's replacement DeAngelo Williams was a touchdown machine in the two games Bell missed, and the offense he was playing in clearly had more of an impact on that than Williams' own abilities. Fewer opportunities to score will obviously harm Bell's value, but he does so much between the running and passing games that it's hardly time to panic. If Bell gets through the next four games and comes out on the other side averaging 14.8 Fantasy points per game, its hard to imagine his Fantasy owners would be anything but thrilled. 

The rest of the Pittsburgh offense obviously suffers significantly in this change, especially the fringe-y Fantasy types. After a terrific opening game, Heath Miller has just two receptions in each of his last two games, and is probably on the outside looking in for Fantasy relevance; he is projected to fall to 20th among tight ends at 4.3 Fantasy points per game with Vick under center.

Martavis Bryant might be the biggest loser of all, because he has true star potential as the deep threat for Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger has been one of the best deep ball passers in the league over the last couple of seasons, and he's made Darrius Heyward-Bey into someone to keep an eye on in Bryant's absence; based on what Bryant did as a rookie, he should have even more upside than that. Now, after a four-game suspension and in the wake of Roethlisberger's injury, we might be waiting until Week 8 before Bryant hits his full potential. That's a long time to wait, especially for someone you might not have known was suspended when you drafted him.

The Steelers are going to miss Roethlisberger, and Fantasy players might miss him even more. 

by Chris Towers | CBSSports.com

The injuries piled up in the run up to Week 3, with the already-thin tight end position hit especially hard by a few key injuries. The first week of the season brought optimism that there might be more options at tight end than usual, but a slew of injuries have key players looking questionable for Fantasy owners.

Between those tight ends and injuries that could leave the likes of DeMarco Murray, Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins on the sidelines or limited, this is a tough week for Fantasy. Hopefully things will get better moving forward, but that is rarely how injuries work, right? 

DeMarco Murray, RB, Eagles (Hamstring) - Questionable
Red light

With the way the Eagles have been running the ball this season, you might have been wondering if you should sit Murray even if he was healthy. That would probably be an overreaction, but after he was unable to practice all week, it is more than fair to wonder if Murray is going to be able to do much in Week 3. You shouldn't give up on Murray, but it's awfully tough to rely on him against this tough Jets' defense while coming back from an injury, if he plays at all. 

Lamar Miller, RB, Dolphins (Ankle) - Questionable
Red light

Similar to Murray, there is reason to question whether Miller would even be worth starting if he was healthy. With Miller's skill set and the Dolphins' success running the ball, I would feel OK about starting a healthy Miller, but this injury really does sound like one he is gutting out at this point. Assuming you drafted him as an RB2, it might be best to go with an understudy this week; the Dolphins might have to follow the Patriots' game plan from last week anyway.

Todd Gurley, RB, Rams (Knee) - Questionable
Red light

With Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason doing little to stand out, Gurley owners have to be ecstatic about the way the first two games have gone. Mason still has a chance to lock up a big role if he can tap into the form that made him so successful a year ago, but Gurley is going to get his chance to be the No. 1 guy if Mason can't run away with it. That being said, you still can't start Gurley until you see him get out on the field. Just like Mason was worked in slowly last week, expect the same for Gurley, if he even plays in Week 3. You should have made alternate plans for the first few weeks of the season, so don't panic about not being able to use Gurley yet.

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers (Knee) - Questionable
Green light

Stewart has been thoroughly underwhelming so far, rushing for just 3.4 yards per carry against defenses that know they can load up against the run. The Saints know they have to slow the run down as well, but they might not be the most well-equipped team in the league when it comes to doing that. With Drew Brees out, the Panthers might be able to dominate the clock with their running game, so expect Stewart to get close to the 20-touch mark; it's hard to sit any running back who is going to get that much work, even with some mild injury concerns. 

Chris Ivory, RB, Jets (Quadricep) - Questionable
Yellow light

This short week comes at the worst possible time for Ivory and his Fantasy owners, as he was limited to 57 yards and no scores in Week 2 and may not be able to go now in Week 3; he has been dubbed a game-time decision. He did make enough progress with the injury to practice Friday, but his status won't be known until inactives start to come out around 11:30 am EST Sunday. Pick up backup Bilal Powell and be prepared to put him in the lineup in Ivory's place if Ivory doesn't play. It might be best to avoid the situation entirely if Ivory plays, since they might just split carries and touches, something they did in Monday's game to both players' detriment. 

Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers (Hamstring) - Probable

Green light

First you miss a game, then you come back in a limited role as a decoy, then you're full strength. We've seen this script before, and it shouldn't be a huge surprise if Evans follows it by being his usual self in Week 3. You drafted him surely hoping he would at least have one catch by Week 3, but Evans could make up for lost time quickly with his upgrade at quarterback. He should be a must-start option.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Texans (Concussion) - Probable
Green light

Hopkins was back at practice Friday and has been cleared to play, so hopefully he doesn't have any lingering issues to deal with. Ladarius Green's two concussions in a month are a good example of how badly things can go, so Hopkins obviously retains some risk. And then, of course, there's Ryan Mallett. Mallett's struggles cost Hopkins in Week 2, but you still have to like a player with 24 targets through two games, especially since he didn't seem to have issues producing in Week 1 with Mallett. Things should get better for Hopkins than Week 2, and he is a worthy starter. 

Brandin Cooks, WR, Saints (Ankle) - Questionable
Red light

Nine receptions for 111 yards is fine production for Cooks through two games, but it hardly screams "must-start option." And, of course, he was doing that with Drew Brees under center. The Saints will be starting Luke McCown in Week 3, which is a good excuse to get every Saints receiver out of your starting lineup; the 34-year-old McCown hasn't thrown a touchdown since 2007. You simply cannot expect good things from this passing offense in Week 3; just hope Brees gets healthy quickly. 

Eric Decker, WR, Jets (Knee) - Questionable
Yellow light

Just like with Ivory, this short week comes at an extremely bad time. Decker was unable to practice all week as a result of the injury, and that doesn't bode well at all for his prospects. He had a terrific Week 2, hauling in eight passes for 97 yards and a score, but you have to stay away from someone who was probably little more than a borderline starter when healthy anyways. 

Ladarius Green, TE, Chargers (Concussion) - Questionable
Yellow light

Green still has to complete the concussion protocol before he's even cleared to play, so we'll have a pretty good indication relatively early on whether he can get on the field at all. Whether you should play him at all even if he is able a tougher question to answer, because Green has been pretty solid in his first two games, hauling in 10 of 12 passes for 121 yards and a score. The target volume hasn't been overwhelming, but he's been a reliable option for Philip Rivers so far. The risk makes me lean against starting him if active, but you might not have any better options. 

Dwayne Allen, TE, Colts (Ankle) - Out
Red light

Start Coby Fleener. If you've got a question mark at TE, or have one of these other injury risks, just go get Fleener. In the four games Allen missed last season -- one of which he started but left early -- Fleener had 18 receptions for 355 yards and four touchdowns. Those are absolutely massive numbers for any tight end, and even Andrew Luck's recent struggles shouldn't scare you off. The upside is huge.

Delanie Walker, TE, Titans (Hand) - Probable
Green light

Walker was able to practice without limitations, which is a great sign for his chances to play at full health. Usually, you want to stay away from a hand injury, but the tight end position is so thin, Walker might be worth rolling the dice on; remember, he had three receptions for 43 yards and a score in his first game with Marcus Mariota. The Colts' defense has been exceedingly underwhelming so far, so Walker should find space to work in the middle of the field. 

Jordan Cameron, TE, Dolphins (Groin) - Questionable
Yellow light

The risk in drafting Cameron was always that he has had persistent issues staying healthy. When he played, he's terrific, as evidenced by his 19.3 yards per reception in the first two games of the season. Few tight ends have this kind of big-play ability, so it comes down to whether Cameron is well enough to play. He was limited in practice throughout the week, so there's risk here, but the Bills did just allow 136 yards to tight ends in Week 2, so the upside is high. You might not have any better options, so starting Cameron seems like a worthy gamble, assuming he is active. 

by Jamey Eisenberg | Senior Fantasy Writer

Think you can beat Jamey at one-week Fantasy Football? Take your shot at The CBS Championship and qualify for a $100,000 freeroll. All you have to do is beat Jamey, Dave Richard and Adam Aizer. To join, go to FanDuel.com and use promo code CBSPOD.

So Week 1 in the FanDuel-CBSSports Championship was good. Week 2, well, not so much.

After starting out with a finish of 184 out of 1,415 entries in Week 1, I was miserable in Week 2 at 1,341 out of 1,642 entries. The reason for my failure was going all in on the Saints at home against the Bucs with Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Brandin Cooks and Zach Hocker, and I also used Ameer Abdullah. Ouch.

This week, I'm again using our CBS Sports Start of the Week with Carson Palmer, and I plan to stack the Cardinals with Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown. Arizona should have success throwing the ball against San Francisco at home, and Palmer, Fitzgerald and Brown should all benefit.

I spent big on Marshawn Lynch and Antonio Brown, who are my top-ranked players at their respective positions in seasonal formats, and I like the matchup for Greg Olsen at tight end and Danny Woodhead as my second running back. I went cheap at kicker and defense with Andrew Franks and the Falcons D, but I like this lineup heading into Week 3.

Here's my lineup in full:

  • QB - Carson Palmer ($8,100) vs. SF
  • RB - Marshawn Lynch ($8,700) vs. CHI
  • RB - Danny Woodhead ($6,400) at MIN
  • WR - Antonio Brown ($9,300) at STL
  • WR - Larry Fitzgerald ($6,700) vs. SF
  • WR - John Brown ($6,000) vs. SF
  • TE - Greg Olsen ($5,900) vs. NO
  • K - Andrew Franks ($4,500) vs. BUF
  • D - Falcons ($4,300) at DAL

Some other players I like for the FanDuel-CBSSports Championship are Russell Wilson, Cam Newton and Nick Foles at quarterback, Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis and Isaiah Crowell at running back, Julian Edelman, Brandon Marshall and Donte Moncrief at receiver and Jimmy Graham, Kyle Rudolph and Jared Cook at tight end. I also like Gary Barnidge as a sneaky play at tight end this week.

Good luck to everyone in Week 3. I just hope my lineup is better than yours!

by Heath Cummings | Senior Fantasy Writer

One of the trickiest parts about building tournament lineups is knowing when to fade the most popular plays. There's little doubt with the way the Patriots are rolling everyone is going to want a piece of that offense against Jacksonville.

In cash games that's fine, because I want the safest, highest scoring, lineup regardless of ownership. In GPPs the story is a little bit different. The upside of Brady, Edelman, and Gronk are so high that I don't believe you can fade them completely but I will have plenty of tournament lineups with none of them. Even if they are at the top of my rankings.

We have more injury concerns in Week 3. I'm staying away from the Packers RB situation unless Eddie Lacy gets ruled out by Sunday morning. I'm sticking with Marshawn Lynch unless we get word on Sunday morning that sounds like he won't play.

I've also added an extra column for ownership percentage from the Thursday night contests. This is extremely useful for setting those tournament lineups.


Tom Brady $8,700 NE vs. JAX 22%

Aaron Rodgers $9,100 GB vs. KC 4.6%

Carson Palmer $8,100 ARI vs. SF 7%

Nick Foles $6,500 STL vs. PIT 2.9%

Russell Wilson SEA vs. CHI 5.9%

Cam Newton CAR vs. NO 7%

Ben Roethlisberger $8,500 PIT @ STL 5.5%

Peyton Manning $8,200 DEN @ DET 2.2%

Andrew Luck $8,900 IND @ TEN 1.9%

Ryan Mallett $6,300 HOU vs. TB 0.4%

Andy Dalton $7,100 CIN @ BAL 1.8%

Teddy Bridgewater $6,800 MIN vs. SD 0.9%


Marshawn Lynch $8,700 SEA vs. CHI 8.8%

Jonathan Stewart $6,500 CAR vs. NO 2.9%

Le'Veon Bell $8,800 PIT @ STL 18.7%

Danny Woodhead $6,400 SD @ MIN 7.8%

Dion Lewis $6,700 NE vs. JAX 16.4%

Adrian Peterson $8,900 MIN vs. SD 10.5%

Lance Dunbar $4,900 DAL vs. ATL 1.2%

Frank Gore $7,000 IND @ TEN 2.7%

Justin Forsett $7,200 BAL vs. CIN 3.1%

Latavius Murray $7,000 OAK @ CLE 15.5%

Isaiah Crowell $6,600 CLE vs. OAK 2.5%

Devonta Freeman $6,500 ATL @ DAL 6.1%

David Johnson $6,000 ARI vs. SF 0.1%

LeGarrette Blount $5,900 NE vs. JAX 0.1%

Ameer Abdullah $6,000 DET vs. DEN 1.7%

Melvin Gordon $6,700 SD @ MIN 3.1%

Darren Sproles $5,400 PHI @ NYJ 3.1%


Julian Edelman $7,700 NE vs. JAX 33%

Antonio Brown $9,300 PIT @ STL 25.8%

Randall Cobb $8,200 GB vs. KC 5.2%

John Brown $6,000 ARI vs. SF 5%

Julio Jones $9,000 ATL @ DAL 7.5%

Donte Moncrief $6,000 IND @ TEN 13.6%

Larry Fitzgerald $6,700 ARI vs. SF 20.5%

Demaryius Thomas $8,400 DEN @ DET 7%

Brandon Marshall $7,400 NYJ @ PHI 17.1%

DeAndre Hopkins $7,800 HOU vs. TB 2.1%

Allen Robinson $6,600 JAX @ NE 9.5%

Davante Adams $6,400 GB vs. KC 0.6%

T.Y. Hilton $7,600 IND @ TEN 3%

Tavon Austin $5,300 STL vs. PIT 0.1%

Kendall Wright $5,900 TEN vs. IND 1.7%

Jordan Matthews $7,100 PHI @ NYJ 2.5%

A.J. Green $8,000 CIN @ BAL 2.9%

Kenny Britt $5,400 STL vs. PIT 0.5%


Rob Gronkowski $8,400 NE vs. JAX 25.2%

Jimmy Graham $6,300 SEA vs. CHI 6.8%

Jared Cook $5,400 STL vs. PIT 2.1%

Kyle Rudolph $5,300 MIN vs. SD 2.7%

Greg Olsen $5,900 CAR vs. NO 5.7%

Tyler Eifert $5,900 CIN @ BAL 9%

Travis Kelce $6,400 KC @ GB 6.5%

Heath Miller $5,800 PIT @ STL 3.2%

Eric Ebron $5,100 DET vs. DEN 2.1%

Crockett Gillmore $5,400 BAL vs. CIN 2.7%


Seattle Seahawks $5,300 vs. CHI 18.6%

Carolina Panthers $4,600 vs. NO 6.1%

Houston Texans $5,00 vs. TB 3.9%

Detroit Lions $4,400 vs. DEN 0.2%

Arizona Cardinals $4,700 vs. SF 4.5%

New England Patriots $4,700 vs. JAX 11.2%


Chandler Catanzaro $4,700 ARI vs. SF 2.5%

Steven Hauschka $5,000 SEA vs. CHI 2.8%

Stephen Gostkowski $5,000 NE vs. JAX 10.3%

Nick Folk $4,600 NYJ vs. PHI 3.8%

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