Draft Prospect Outlook


  • Gifted playmaker with great court vision
  • Ambidextrous passer and finisher with good touch around the rim
  • High IQ and feel for the game -- knows where teammates are, anticipates where they are going, and can make high-level reads in pick-and-roll situations
  • Tight handle allows him to thrive in leading transition, running offense
  • Good positional size and frame


  • Inconsistent and sometimes puzzling shot selection and decision-making
  • Sometimes tries to make the highlight-reel play, as opposed to smart play
  • Low set point on jump shot, and troubling results overseas as deep shooter; mechanically the shot may need tweaked to get shot off consistently at NBA level
  • Shaky defender but potential to turn into a net neutral with expanded physical maturation

PRO COMPARISON: Bigger Trae Young