College Basketball 2018 Sun Belt Tournament

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Michigan State, Purdue and LSU should all feel great about their trusty ball-handlers as the season nears
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This year's secret scrimmage roster is packed.
Individual Leaders
1. D. Simonds GAST21.2
2. K. Hervey TXARL20.5
3. T. Brown GASOU18.9
4. R. Sikes SALAB18.7
5. R. Shabazz APPST18.5
1. E. Neal TXARL6.7
2. M. Stroman LALAF6.5
3. J. Shaw CSTCAR5.4
4. D. Simonds GAST4.4
5. T. Brown GASOU4.3
1. B. Washington LALAF10.5
2. K. Hervey TXARL8.5
3. A. Hicks TROY8.4
4. I. Johnson APPST8.4
5. M. Glenn GASOU8.1
1. J. Hamilton TXARL62.9
2. G. Kinney APPST58.3
3. I. King TEXST57.8
4. A. Hicks TROY55.8
5. J. Gant LALAF55.3
Team Leaders
1. Louisiana83.2
2. Texas-Arlington77.6
3. Appalachian State76.4
4. Georgia Southern75.9
5. Troy75.0
1. Appalachian State43.4
2. Texas-Arlington42.5
3. Coastal Carolina42.0
4. Louisiana41.8
5. Georgia Southern41.1
Sun Belt
TeamConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
Georgia St.12-624-11132
Ga. Southern11-721-12141
App. St.9-915-18250
Coastal Carolina8-1014-18246
Texas St.7-1115-18243
South Alabama7-1114-18270
Arkansas St.6-1211-21291
Little Rock4-147-25308