Astros second baseman Jose Altuve was one of the most deadly base stealers in baseball last season. This year, manager A.J. Hinch wants to ensure Altuve is being smart on the base paths, not just when he's stealing a base, reports

"Like anything, it's all built on trust," Hinch said. "You want your players to play with freedom, and if they feel like they need to take an extra base they can take an extra base. They have the freedom to play. By no means do I want to put a ton of restrictions on them, but you want to make sure they know the situation."

Baserunning instructor Gary Pettis, who stole 354 bases in his career, is working to help Altuve make smart decisions on the base paths.

"You don't want to run just to steal bases," he said. "A stolen base gets you in scoring position. Now if you rack up numbers doing that, great. You're helping the team and you help yourself also because of the numbers, but you're stealing to get into scoring position. That's what we're doing."

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