Major League Baseball has issued the following press release to levy discipline for the brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox that transpired on Wednesday night in Fenway Park. 

Here are the pertinent details regarding the suspensions of Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly and Yankees DH Tyler Austin

Kelly has received a six-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for intentionally hitting Austin with a pitch and fighting. Austin has received a five-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for charging the mound and fighting. Also fined as a part of last night's incident were Red Sox manager Alex Cora and Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin. Players on the disabled list who were fined for entering the field were pitcher CC Sabathia of the Yankees and shortstop Xander Bogaerts, infielder Marco Hernandez and second baseman Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. 

Both suspensions had been scheduled to be effective tonight, when the two Clubs are to continue their series at Fenway. However, both players have elected to appeal. Thus, the discipline issued to both Kelly and Austin will be held in abeyance until the process is complete.

For those who missed it, the issue stemmed from a slide by Austin earlier in the night in which he raised his spikes and clipped the lower leg of Red Sox infielder Brock Holt. Later in the game, Kelly missed Austin with his first pitch and then connected here, with the brawl footage for your viewing pleasure: 

Full story from Wednesday night here.

Kelly blamed the cold weather for his bad command and said the pitch just got away from him. As can be seen in their press release, MLB wasn't buying it and called the pitch(es) intentional.

This might not be over, either, as Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez said he expects the Yankees to retaliate. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.