LOOK: Warriors' new reversible championship ring is unique, extremely cool ... or extremely tacky

When you've won three NBA championships in the past four years, you need to start thinking outside the box for your bling. The Warriors, faced with that problem, have a rather interesting feature added onto their championship ring celebrating the 2018 NBA Finals sweep of the Cavaliers.

The ring has the usual artistic features and symbolism, including 56 stones on the team side, one for each year in the bay; 74 sapphires and diamonds on each side of the top, one for each regular season and postseason win; a "bristle" to signify the sweep of the Cavaliers (fine); and the piece de resistance: A reversible face that's silver on one side and blue on the other.

A reversible ring is, frankly, the kind of thing you'd expect to get out of a quarter machine, but fair enough. Quarter machine rings aren't encrusted with diamonds and sapphires, so who am I to judge?

The Warriors are honestly just so good, it doesn't matter what they do anymore. The ring has the Warriors' postseason records engraved on it as well, but in about three years this will just be another championship for Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

Next year's ring will probably be by Apple and be called the "iRing." It would be extremely Silicon Valley, after all.

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