Not mincing any words, LeBron James made his feelings about the Cavaliers' roster well-known when he told reporters he wants the team to add a play-maker off the bench. Taking James' public request into consideration, the Cavs are working out Lance Stephenson, Kirk Hinrich and Mario Chalmers. But that's not all the Cavs are doing.

Cleveland is also looking for a play-maker via trade and has reportedly reached out to the Dallas Mavericks about Deron Williams, who would be a nice fit off the bench for the Cavs. The Mavs reportedly are interested in Iman Shumpert so perhaps the two teams could work out a deal.

From Sam Amick of USA Today:

The Cavs could take the trade route too, of course, and they are known to have inquired about the Dallas Mavericks' Deron Williams. The 32-year-old, three-time All-Star is in the final year of his deal ($9 million), and it's worth noting that Dallas has shown interest in the Cavs' Iman Shumpert previously when he was a free agent (he's owed a combined $31 million for this season and the next two, with a player option for 2018-19).

Williams is no longer the All-Star player he once was, yet he is still producing and is averaging 13.5 points and 7.1 assists in 30.1 minutes for the Mavs this season. If the Cavs were able to acquire Williams, his production might get better as he would mainly be going up against the second unit of opposing teams. However, there is one problem, according to's David Aldridge -- the Mavs have no interest in trading Williams:

...league sources indicate that Deron Williams is equally unattainable. (Nor is Williams interested in a buyout.)

Anything is possible, of course, but if Williams is truly "unattainable," then perhaps the Cavs should focus on the players they are bringing in for a workout. Stephenson or Chalmers might be their best bet.

However, it is a good sign that the Cavs are exploring all possible options when it comes to improving their team. After all, that's mainly what James wants as he is determined to have the Cavs defend their championship by any means necessary.