In a FIBA qualifying match Sunday, Australia was dominating the Philippines 79-48 in the third quarter when things got ugly. An elbow from Australia forward Daniel Kickert started a scuffle between the teams, before the Philippines' squad decided that it was done being pushed around.

The elbow that started the fracas was really bad.

However, the reaction escalated things further. The next thing anyone knew, this happened:

It's not often that you see a fight with a little bit of everything like this one. That's Milwaukee Bucks center Thon Maker coming in with a flying kick that didn't exactly land.

However, that's just the surface. The Philippines players had some brutal tactics of its own, most of which only made things worse. Those included a clothesline from former Wizards and Nets center Andray Blatche.

Chairs were tossed.

And an ugly blow resulted.

Matthew Dellavedova, who recently was released by Bucks, is part of the Australian team but seemed to be largely uninvolved with the fight itself. Australia's Nathan Sobey, who played college basketball at Wyoming, couldn't say the same.

"Disgrace" is an understatement. 

Kickert's foul was definitely hard and it was definitely dirty, but the ensuing brawl is exactly the kind of thing that every sports league fears. There will be fallout from it, as FIBA is opening an investigation into both sides. It's a scary, inexcusable situation, no matter how hard the initial foul was. In total, 13 players were ejected, including Maker, Sobey and Kickert. The Philippines had only three players on the court after the fight.

Those three players continued on briefly before forfeiting at the end of the third quarter. Australia won 89-53.