2013 NFL Grades, Week 6: Stay classy, Texans fans

Yes. I know. Not all of the Texans fans were cheering when Matt Schaub went down with a gruesome-looking injury. But there was a group of people who watched their own quarterback go down and were happy about it.

That's not acceptable, under any circumstances.

The "rotten apple" theory probably applies here and a bunch of these fans appear spoiled as a result. But the preceding weeks don't give me much hope for Houston here.

First there was the "incident" at Schaub's house and now this? It's poor taste.

Schaub spent his prime toiling on bad Texans teams after being traded from Atlanta and was a big part of the turnaround in Houston that actually allowed this franchise to become a contender. They were nothing before Schaub helped actually provide them some sort of reasonable expectations for the season.

The dude might not be the best quarterback in the NFL but he's a capable starter who helped navigate the Texans to uncharted -- for this franchise -- waters. Rooting for him to suffer an injury lacks class. And any Texans "fan" who did so should be ashamed.

Chargers 19, Colts 9
C- Not a great Monday night debut for Andrew Luck but he'll probably be back. His receivers killed him in San Diego, dropping all kinds of footballs. Luck clearly looked flustered after the game. Trent Richardson didn't run well (surprise!). The defense wasn't necessarily bad but the drops really, really hurt this squad.
B+ Philip Rivers was efficient, Ryan Matthews ran well and Keenan Allen continued to break out on the offensive end of things. Nick Novak smoked some huge field goals (even if going for the last one was questionable). Huge night for the Chargers defense considering a) how bad they've been and b) how banged up they are.
Cowboys 31, Redskins 16
D Washington's offense is still not there. Alfred Morris produced a nice game, including the longest run of his career. Robert Griffin III fought his tail off but was just in a bad spot and couldn't really get it going. The Redskins defense can't stop anyone.
B Monster defensive performance for Dallas as they kept the Redskins out of the end zone until the third quarter. Tony Romo wasn't great but he didn't have to be (although he did hit Terrance Williams on a sick throw). Dwayne Harris was a huge boost in special teams.
49ers 32, Cardinals 20
C- A hobbled Larry Fitzgerald appears to be fine, so that's good news. But Arizona doesn't have the firepower to keep up with anyone when their defense isn't playing well. They let Vernon Davis destroy them and couldn't slow down Frank Gore. Carson Palmer had some moments ... both good and bad. But mostly bad.
B Another "meh" game from Colin Kaepernick, a few big throws to Vernon Davis aside. I like that they let him run. With Aldon Smith likely out for a while they need to find someone who can generate a pass rush. Corey Lemonier looks like he could step up for them.
Patriots 27, Saints 26
B- Rob Ryan's defense will get crushed because they let Tom Brady score late but the reality is that unit was quite good for most of the day. Brutal loss for New Orleans of course. Jimmy Graham didn't have a single catch and suffered an injury, which is not good.
B What. A. Throw. "Terrible" Tom Brady stepped up when everyone was busy burying him -- with half the Patriots fans in their cars -- and nailed Kenbrell Thompkins wiht a monster touchdown throw. Impressive post-Vince Wilfork game for the Patriots defense. Aqib Talib was a monster on Jimmy Graham.
Seahawks 20, Titans 13
D Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the guy (probably) who derails what looked like a spicy open to this season. 171 yards and two picks on Sunday obviously hurt Tennessee. Chris Johnson was -- surprise, surprise -- terrible again. Pretty good job by the defense, which almost flipped this game around.
C+ Definitely not Seattle's best game: they could've won by more points but they weren't the dominant team at home we expect. Russell Wilson is running way too much. He just doesn't have an offensive line or any good weapons right now. The defense saved the day here.
Broncos 35, Jaguars 19
C+ Good job, good effort? The Jags deserve some praise for putting up the best fight we've seen against the Broncos so far this season. Justin Blackmon ended up having a huge game and Chad Henne was OK all things considered. Paul Posluszny took a pick to the house. Pretty good game in an ugly loss.
B- Peyton Manning's team ended up winning pretty handily but this definitely wasn't their best effort of the year. Knowshon Moreno ended up with three rushing touchdowns and is clearly the top option in Denver. The Broncos looked dominant but not unstoppable. All the hype for a 28-point spread ended up being fairly worthless.
Packers 19, Ravens 17
A- It's tough going into M&T Bank Stadium and winning but the Packers pulled it off. Making it even more impressive was that they did it with just two wide receivers after Randall Cobb went down. You'd think Jordy Nelson wouldn't be open with that little talent on the depth chart. Another strong day from Eddie Lacy, who had 120 yards.
C+ Ray Rice and the running game are a mess. And I'd bet John Harbaugh regrets letting Joe Flacco throw late in the first half -- Eugene Monroe whiffed a block, Flacco got hit, fumbled and Mason Crosby hit a field goal that ended up being the difference in this game.
Bengals 27, Bills 24
B Nice to see A.J. Green finally get back on track and Giovani Bernard just keeps doing insanely impressive stuff on the field. Andy Dalton remains a question mark. Giving up a lot of big plays to this Bills offense is not a good look.
B- Gotta give Buffalo credit for managing to keep this game competitive despite Thaddeus Lewis starting at quarterback. They fought in this game even though they were overmatched and nearly pulled off a big-time upset. Kiko Alonso had 22 tackles Sunday. 22!
Lions 31, Browns 17
B+ With Calvin Johnson limited the Lions still managed to put up some points, thanks to Kris Durham and Joseph Fauria. Very nice two-pick day for DeAndre Levy. Reggie Bush got going too and topped 100 total yards with a TD once again.
C- Cleveland blew a 10-point halftime lead and Brandon Weeden threw what was arguably the worst interception in NFL history. The Browns shut down Calvin Johnson but Matthew Stafford still went off. Tough way to lose their winning streak.
Rams 38, Texans 13
B+ Who saw this coming? The Rams rolled into Houston and throttled the Texans. They scored twice on defense, including a 98-yard interception return by Alec Ogletree. Sam Bradford almost had as many touchdowns (three) as he did incompletions (four).
F-- Matt Schaub got hurt and fans cheered him. (Classy!) They didn't have much to cheer because T.J. Yates came in and immediately threw a pick six. Houston had more total yards and Arian Foster looked good but other than that this game was an unmitigated disaster for the Texans. What an embarrassment.
Panthers 35, Vikings 10
A Where has this Panthers team been? Cam Newton was outstanding both passing and running the ball, the playcalling was creative and the defense smothered Minnesota. Play like this all season and Carolina might actually be a contender.
F Matt Cassel needed a big game to ward off Josh Freeman. He didn't have it. Adrian Peterson struggled to run the ball (understandably) and the defense didn't bring any sort of game against Carolina.
Chiefs 24, Raiders 7
C- Terrelle Pryor did a good job keeping Oakland competitive for most of the game Sunday. But the Chiefs defense was just too much. Three sacks and three forced fumbles is nice work by the Raiders defense.
B- This game wasn't as big a blowout as the score looks. And Alex Smith's 4.13 yards per attempt is ugly with a capital "U." Fortunately Jamaal Charles -- 128 total yards, two touchdowns -- and the Chiefs defense -- eight total sacks -- picked up the slack and pushed KC to 6-0.
Steelers 19, Jets 6
B+ Nice to finally get a win here for the Steelers even if it wasn't exactly dominant. The defense isn't suddenly "back" or anything silly and shutting down the Jets isn't exactly limiting a powerhouse. But a road win is a road win and for the Steelers anything other than a loss is nice.
D- Geno Smith got confounded by a complex defense, the Jets couldn't get anything going on offense and while the defense had three sacks, it didn't do enough to really limit the Steelers. This is what can happen to the Jets if the offense isn't giving them any slack.
Eagles 31, Buccaneers 20
B+ Excellent road performance by Nick Foles here: the backup may have stolen Michael Vick's job after putting together a three-touchdown show that highlighted DeSean Jackson's deep-play ability. Not a perfect day for the defense but they made some plays when necessary.
D+ Mike Glennon was actually better than most people expected here. It was the Buccaneers' defense that struggled badly. What's the point of trading for and paying Darrelle Revis if you're not going to put him on an island with your opponent's best wideout?
Bears 27, Giants 21
C- Another three interceptions for Eli Manning puts him on pace for a ridiculous 40 on the year. He only got sacked once which is good, but the turnovers -- one, maybe two weren't his fault -- are not. Brandon Jacobs ran well but the defense got shredded, again. If they can't stop anyone or apply any pressure to the quarterback they might be winless for a while.
B Cutler was good, Brandon Marshall got his targets and scored twice and Alshon Jeffery could've had a much bigger game if he hadn't whiffed on an easy catch. Matt Forte produced a big yardage night. But the defense has red flags all over it, even on a short week and in a win.
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