Cam Newton posts interesting new workout video and here's why NFL teams should take note

It's been nearly two months since the Carolina Panthers decided to cut ties with Cam Newton, and somehow, the former NFL MVP is still on the market. Of course, a big reason Newton is still available is because teams have no idea how healthy he is. 

Over the past two years, Newton has dealt with multiple serious injuries. Not only did he undergo shoulder surgery following the 2018 season, but he ended up missing 14 games and going on injured reserve during the 2019 season after suffering a lisfranc injury in September. 

Due to the global pandemic, teams aren't currently allowed to bring Newton in for a visit, which is a problem, because any team that signs the former No. 1 overall pick would almost certainly want to have its medical team check Newton out before agreeing to any sort of contract. 

Newton definitely seems to realize that there's plenty of questions lingering about his health, which is probably why he decided to release multiple workout videos this week that show how far he's come along in rehab. NFL teams should definitely take note, and that's because Newton actually looks healthy. 

In one video, Newton shows that he still has the arm strength to make difficult throws. 

Although Newton isn't throwing against defenders, you shouldn't worry about that too much. What teams should focus on is that he can actually throw the ball downfield. The last throw he makes in the video, which comes at the 24-second mark, was a pass that he had a lot of trouble completing over the past two years. 

In February 2019, Newton admitted that he basically wasn't able to throw the ball more than 30 yards due to his shoulder, which made it easy for opposing defenses to defend him. 

"I felt like defenses was exposing me because I couldn't throw the ball down field," Newton said at the time. "Not being in a position physically to be able to make the throws that you know you're capable of making, that was the disheartening thing of the whole year."

Since he only started two games in 2019, there was still some questions about his shoulder, and based on his throwing video, Newton definitely looks much healthier. 

Another issue with Newton is his foot. Being mobile is a big part of his game, and due to his lisfranc injury last season, there's still some question about whether or not he's fully recovered from that. In a second video, Newton did multiple drills that involved his feet so that teams can get an idea of how well he's now moving. 

(To see the videos, just scroll through the multiple images in the Instagram below). 

At this point, signing Newton is something that teams should start seriously thinking about. In the worst case scenario, you would instantly have the best backup quarterback in the NFL if you add him.

One team that definitely won't be signing Newton is the Chargers. Los Angeles coach Anthony Lynn revealed last week that although the Chargers thought about adding Newton, they ended up deciding against it. 

"Cam is a tremendous quarterback," said Lynn. "He's been MVP of this league, he's led his team to the Super Bowl and he's healthy now from what I hear. Cam is going to be on somebody's roster and he's going to help somebody win a few games, but yeah, we did take a look at that, sure."

One other intriguing option could be the Patriots. Although New England currently has four quarterbacks on its roster in Brian Hoyer, Jarrett Stidham, Brian Lewerke and J'Mar Smith, Bill Belichick hasn't ruled out the possibility of bringing in another guy. 

"You never know what's going to happen down the road," Belichick said on May 7. "But we feel like we have four good players there."

If Newton's healthy, he's definitely going to end up somewhere, and if that somewhere is New England, the Patriots dynasty might have another few years left in it. 

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