Washington quietly met with four former NFL team executives during training camp, mulling adding an experienced set of eyes to the front office in the aftermath of the dismissal of former general manager Scot McCloughan, but ultimately opted not to hire anyone. The team is comfortable with its current front office, overseen by team president Bruce Allen, and is not adding to it.

Previously, Allen brought in A.J. Smith, former general manager of the Chargers, during Mike Shanahan's tenure as head coach, and had Washington made a hire this summer it would have been in a similar capacity. Washington promoted long-time personnel man Doug Williams and salary cap expert/negotiator Eric Schaffer after McCloughan was fired for cause (the arbitration regarding that decision is ongoing) but spoke to others prior to those promotions and after as well.

During training camp in Richmond, Washington had four potential candidates in to watch practice and meet others on staff. That included James "Shack" Harris, who has deep ties to Williams and most recently served as a senior executive with the Lions, and three executives most recently with the Browns -- Charles Bailey, Bill Kuharich and Ron Hill -- some of whom have ties to Allen as well.

The Washington front office was in flux from shortly after the season, with McCloughan being phased out while still on the job, through the offseason, but Williams and his team earned high marks internally for their work in free agency and the draft, and no other changes are forthcoming this season.