Selection Sunday is one of the most entertaining days of the whole college basketball season -- at least leading up to the tournament itself. So many dreams of making the Big Dance are realized and the reactions from the teams, especially those on the bubble, are priceless. 

Of course, there are a finite number of spots. Not every team who is at least somewhat deserving of a bid is going to get one. This happens a lot with bid stealing in conference tournaments. Automatic bids means several at-large teams aren't going to get a shot at the field of 68. 

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Alas, the tournament field is set, with the last four teams in being Belmont, Temple, Arizona State and St. John's. Here are seven teams that didn't get in ... and probably feel like they should have:

TCU Horned Frogs (20-13)

The Frogs swept Big 12 tourney champ Iowa State in the regular season. Even with a sub-.500 record in conference play, that might have been enough. However, TCU was bounced from the conference tourney in the second round by Kansas State. TCU also couldn't get a signature win against Texas Tech

Loss(es) that hurt the most: Dropping games to Oklahoma State and West Virginia weren't great, but honestly the Lipscomb game was one the Frogs never should have lost. 

Indiana Hoosiers (17-15)

The Big Ten got a bunch of favorable draws from the committee, so it seemed as though the Hoosiers would be one of the final teams in. Sweeping Michigan State in the regular season was huge, too. However, this team lost 12 of 13 at one point in the middle of the year. So, yeah, that'll do it. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: In the meat of that aforementioned losing streak, Indiana dropped games to Rutgers, Nebraska and Northwestern

Alabama Crimson Tide (18-15)

This is a tough day for the Crimson Tide, who were never quite able to capitalize on their early-season wins against Murray State and Kentucky. No wins against LSU, Auburn and Tennessee hurts, though. The resume on the back half of the season just wasn't there. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: Most of Alabama's losses were against quality teams, there were just a lot of them. That said, setting swept by Texas A&M isn't the best thing for your tourney chances.  

NC State WolfPack (22-11)

Finishing .500 and winning 20 games while playing in the ACC will make any school wonder why they didn't get into the field of 68. This is the conference, after all, with three No. 1 seeds. However, there were just too many bad losses, and the ACC tourney appearance didn't do much for the resume. Going 1-8 vs. tourney-bound teams is a poor effort. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: Wake Forest and Georgia Tech, unequivocally. 

Creighton Blue Jays (18-14)

Normally, finishing third in the Big East during the regular season would be good enough to get into the tourney ... except when it's a four-way tie for third at 9-9. The Blue Jays had a pretty good NET rating of 51, but going 1-5 vs. Nova, Marquette and Seton Hall doesn't pad the resume. At the end of the day there are so many spots and Creighton didn't have enough big wins. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: Losing to Nebraska by nearly 20 points was pretty bad.  

NC-Greensboro Spartans (28-6)

The Spartans had their bid stolen, probably by Oregon winning the Pac-12 championship game. That's too bad as UNCG was probably deserving of a bid otherwise. And while you admire the tough non-conference games against teams like LSU and Kentucky, there just aren't any monster wins. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: There aren't any real "bad" losses on the resume, just not enough big-time wins. Going oh-for against Wofford probably doesn't help, either. 

Furman Paladins (25-7)

Like UNCG, Furman probably got cut out courtesy of some bid stealing. The Southern Conference had some legit teams this season, and beating Villanova counts as a quality win. But the Paladins didn't beat Wofford and were bounced from the conference tourney fairly quickly. 

Loss(es) that hurt the most: None, really. Just not enough quality wins, apparently.