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Gennett has suggested that it is unlikely that he'll be traded by the Reds in advance of the July 31 non-waiver deadline,'s Mark Sheldon reports. "Just from the talks that I've had with the guys in control of all those things, I feel like they want me here. I feel like, just from what I've been told, they want me here for the long term," Gennett said. "What I'm getting is [CEO Bob Castellini] wants me here for a while. When it comes to all of the trade stuff, it would be going against what I've been hearing."

Going into this season, the general consensus was that Gennett would not be able to replicate last year's breakout season - a sentiment expressed here with our outlook and projection. In a way it was right - only that Gennett has surpassed his 2017 levels, punctuated by another homer Friday night against the Cardinals. Instead of trading him, the Reds might extend Gennett, though they aren't under pressure to do so yet, as he won't become a free agent until after 2019.

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