Live Like An Athlete Podcast: Beyond Training With Ben Greenfield

No pain, no gain is now an obsolete idiom. Rejoice! Long gone are the days of chronic suffering in pursuit of improved athletic performance, a sleeker physique, and a better brain. Admittedly, you may have neglected the latter item.

Regardless of your respective performance, wellness or lifestyle goals, rest assured that they can be achieved with far less discomfort than previously presumed. Fitness guru Ben Greenfield explains that not only is it possible to achieve amazing feats of physical and mental performance without destroying oneself, it is actually far prefereable.

Unless, of course, you're a masochist. In which case, carry on.

Greenfield is an ex-bodybuilder and an Ironman triathlete who is recognized as one of the top trainers and endurance coaches in the United States. He travels the world teaching advanced human performance and nutrition concepts to athletes and non-athletes alike.

He shares some excellent gems in this episode, ranging from how to biohack your brain to why you should discard your deodorant. Don't worry; you won't stink.

For more from Ben Greenfield, you can head over to his website, grab a copy of his new book Beyond Training, check out his podcast on iTunes, and follow him on Twitter @bengreenfield.

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