Thunder's Russell Westbrook has no new issues after knee injury

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook had a scare that made every basketball fan gasp Friday night when he suffered what looked like another knee injury to his troublesome right knee. He's had three knee surgeries in the past year, so there is a high level of worry whenever he takes a bad step or looks like he's in pain or limping.

The good news is after an MRI was done on Westbrook's right knee, there weren't any new issues, according to Ken Berger of

Westbrook has played in just 37 games this season with the Thunder winning 28 of them. They've managed to survive without him in the lineup quite nicely too. Oklahoma City is 23-9 in the games their star point guard has missed this year, thanks to a deeper team stepping up in his absence and Kevin Durant taking his game to a level we've rarely seen. 

For Westbrook, the same plan going forward of attempting to manage his minutes and limiting his chances on back-to-backs will still be in play. In 37 games this season, he's averaging 21.2 points, 7.0 assists, and 5.7 rebounds in 30.7 minutes.

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