With the Raiders set to move to Las Vegas in 2020, one thing that sometimes gets forgotten in all of this is the fact that the team still doesn't have anywhere to play in 2019. 

The Raiders' lease in Oakland expires at the end of the 2018 season, and there's no guarantee that the two sides will agree to a new lease to cover 2019. Also, the city is mulling over the possibility of suing the Raiders for their move to Vegas, and if that happens, the team has said that it will definitely be leaving after 2018. 

If the Raiders do leave Oakland at the end of this season, it's not clear where they'll go, but we do know one place they definitely won't be going: Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sin City has been ruled out as a possible 2019 relocation candidate because Sam Boyd Stadium isn't up to NFL standards. 

Despite the fact that his team is going to be homeless in roughly three months, Raiders owner Mark Davis said he hasn't really been thinking about what's to come as far as relocation goes for 2019. 

"It's in our minds, but it's really in the back of our minds right now," Davis said on Aug. 30, via the Review-Journal. "We're really concerned about 2018."

If you're wondering where the Raiders might play in 2019, there are multiple options. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported in September that the Raiders have had "very preliminary" discussions with the city of San Diego. Of course, that could get a little awkward, because if the Raiders fill up the stadium in San Diego for eight games in 2019, people might start wondering why the NFL ever let a team leave the city. 

La Canfora did note that a potential move to San Diego would likely face some serious resistance from both the Chargers and Rams

Another option for the Raiders could be Levi's Stadium. Although the subject hasn't come up recently, 49ers CEO Jed York did say in March 2017 that he would potentially be open to hosting the Raiders for a year. 

"I think [Mark Davis] said pretty clearly that he'd like to stay in Oakland and he'd certainly like to stay in the East Bay, and we'd want to be helpful with him in that," York said at the time. "If [sharing Levi's] was an opportunity, we'd certainly sit down and discuss it, but I think there are a lot of moving pieces right now that it's really conjecture to talk about 2019 at this point, when they'd still, obviously, prefer to be at the Coliseum."

San Antonio has also popped up as a possible temporary venue, and that's mainly because Davis visited the city several times over the past three years while he was looking at possible places to move his team. The Raiders could also ask MLB's Giants if they could borrow AT&T Park. That option might sound a little weird, but the Giants' stadium did host Cal's football team for the 2011 season while the school's stadium was being renovated.

The bottom line is that the Raiders need a place to play in 2019 and as of right now, the only city you shouldn't bet on is Vegas, because it sounds like the Raiders definitely won't be moving there early.