Trent Williams could reportedly return to the Redskins 'sooner rather than later'

In a shocking turn of events, the Washington Redskins may reportedly end up keeping their best player after he staged a holdout that lasted three months.

Star left tackle Trent Williams failed to appear at mandatory minicamp on June 4, and has been absent from all team activities ever since. Many wondered when the Redskins would trade Williams, but now, former teammate DeAngelo Hall says that the seven-time Pro Bowler should be returning to the team soon.

During an appearance on the "Hail to the Podcast," Hall told Erin Hawksworth that Williams could return to the Redskins "sooner rather than later." Ian Rapoport then confirmed the report, and added that "sooner rather than later" could even mean next week

This comes just one week after team president Bruce Allen sat down with Sherree Burruss of NBC 4 Sports to discuss the Williams saga. When Burruss asked Allen if Williams would one day return to the Redskins, Allen confirmed that his left tackle was not mulling anything like retirement.

"Well I think Trent is going to play football, yes," Allen said. "We had a surprising retirement this week in the NFL and I don't see Trent retiring."

Burruss then followed up by asking if the Redskins had engaged in trade talks or if Williams would play for another team. Allen was quick and confident in his response: 

"No, it will be with us."

It would appear that Williams is softening the stance he took just a few months ago. Hawksworth initially reported that Williams wanted either a trade or a new contract, but CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora then reported that the situation was much more serious than that

Williams' issues with the Redskins are not financial at all. He told his teammates that he demanded a trade or his release from the team due to their handling of a recent medical situation, and has vowed not to play for them again. 

Something appeared to have happened in just the last week that has Williams feeling more comfortable with the idea of returning to the team. Just last Thursday, Hall reported that Williams planned to continue his holdout into the next week, saying that there was "zero chance" he would be in the building. 

At this point, things appear to be looking up in D.C.  

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