WATCH: Matt Ryan melts down, throws three interceptions in four pass attempts

The Falcons might want to think about going exclusively to their ground game against New Orleans because Matt Ryan is having some serious trouble throwing the ball. 

The Falcons' quarterback had a mid-game meltdown against the Saints when he three interceptions in four pass attempts. The ugliness started in the second quarter when Ryan tried to hit Julio Jones on a short pass route with just 14 seconds left to play in the half. Instead of hitting Jones though, Ryan threw the pass directly to Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore

After throwing that pick, Ryan had all of halftime to think about his mistake and gets things fixed, only that's not what happened, because nothing got fixed. 

On the Falcons' opening possession of the second half, Ryan threw another interception, although this one wasn't really his fault because it bounced off the hands of tight end Austin Hooper

Although you can't blame Ryan for that pick, you can definitely blame him for the one he threw a few plays later. After the Saints scored a touchdown to push their lead to 17-10, the Falcons got the ball back, only to watch Ryan give it away again, and this might have been his worst interception of the night. 

After calling five straight running plays and getting into Saints' territory, the Falcons decided to tempt fate by calling two pass plays in a row. On the first play, Ryan threw an incomplete pass, and then on the second play, well, it was another interception. 

It's not clear why Ryan even threw the ball because there was absolutely no one open in the corner of the end zone. 

If you're scoring at home, that's three interceptions in four passes. If you're not scoring at home, that's OK because I was scoring for you. 

Despite the picks, the Falcons were only trailing 17-10 at the end of the third quarter. 

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