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Kyler Murray playing for Oklahoma is equal parts possibility and hypocrisy from NCAA

There are plenty of rules keeping college athletes from making money, but these loopholes remain ridiculous

Walking it back: How do college football coaches return home after pursuing 'better' jobs?

A sticky situation arises when one goes after a job but ultimately does not get it

NCAA transfer rules may take a big step forward with legislation up for review this week

This will likely be one step of many needed to rectify a major problem facing student-athletes

New XFL commish Oliver Luck opens up about the NCAA's future, gambling, alcohol sales

Now removed from the NCAA, Luck discusses some key issues facing the organization

Kingslayers or fresh meat? Six new SEC coaches look to dethrone Alabama's Nick Saban

With summer practice just around the corner, there's plenty of fresh meat holding whistles in the SEC

2018 MLB Draft: Silence is golden for Kyler Murray as Oklahoma QB has a decision to make

With Murray selected in the top 10, could he actually leave Oklahoma early to chase his MLB dreams?

Resolution expected Friday in Florida WR Van Jefferson's SEC transfer case

The SEC is considering a rule change that would allow Jefferson to play immediately

What are Texas A&M's expectations for coach Jimbo Fisher? $75 million says it all

The Aggies made a record commitment to Fisher, and time is coming for it to begin paying off

Legalized betting is coming to college football, and the SEC is bracing for impact

As sports betting gets legalized state by state, issues are set to prop up throughout college athletics

Alabama coach Nick Saban's take on transfer rules is exactly why reform is necessary

Some transfer reform is nearly guaranteed by the NCAA, but will the SEC adjust its own rule?

Six things that will be discussed at the 2018 SEC spring meetings this week

From transfer issues to gambling, this is what's on the SEC's loaded plate

The rise and fall of the WAC: Lessons we learned from the 16-team conference experiment

Here's why the Western Athletic Conference, the first and only 16-team FBS league, failed 20 years ago

Why bringing in Herm Edwards is a substantial risk worth taking for Arizona State

The Sun Devils may change the game in just a few years ... or this experiment could go down in flames

Cracks are forming in the Pac-12: Will they be patched before it's too late?

The last year has been a rough one for the Pac-12, which is trying to figure out how to move forward

Dennis Dodd has covered college football for CBS Sports since it was CBS SportsLine in 1998. He is one of only seven media members to attend all 16 BCS title games and has chronicled conference realignment as well as the start of the College Football Playoff. He's dabbled in NFL, MLB and NHL and believes the College World Series is severely underappreciated. A Missouri grad and former award-winning FWAA president, he previously worked for numerous outlets including The National and the Kansas City Star.

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