WWE held the historic Evolution pay-per-view in October 2018, the first show in company history featuring all-women's action. The event was a critical success, with outstanding action up and down the card, proving many longtime doubters wrong as it pertains to the women's ability to carry a show. Bayley was right in the middle of that Evolution match card, teaming with best friend Sasha Banks and Natalya to defeat The Riott Squad.

With rumors swirling the company could be considering running Evolution 2 in the near future, Bayley spoke to CBS Sports about the inaugural event and the impact nerves had on the locker room.

"It did seem like it was a long time coming," Bayley said. "I remember the morning of, just feeling so, so crazy because of the fact that it was actually happening. It was kind of like a goal a lot of us had when we first came to NXT. I know it was a goal for a lot of girls there like Natalya and the Bella Twins as well. I was actually pretty upset because there was also a live event the same day. WWE had a live event somewhere in New York and we were doing the pay-per-view. I was like, 'Why are they doing a live event when we're doing a the first-ever women's pay-per-view? It should be all eyes on us. There should be no fans at other shows. They should be at home watching us.' 

"I had thrown a big fit and then realized that was what we do all the time. There's always a live show when there's a pay-per-view, so I had to calm down a little bit, but I had a lot of pride in the show and everybody in it. It was just such a great day. And to see how many people were so happy for us and how much the company made it a big deal, I was surprised that we didn't have it the next year."

One year after the original Evolution, Bayley had reinvented herself into a heel, shredding the Bayley Buddies, cutting off her hair and forming one of the company's most gloriously-obnoxious teams with Sasha Banks. She also was in the beginning stages of her current run as SmackDown women's champion -- the longest SmackDown women's title run in WWE history.

Bayley said that while she was surprised there hadn't been an Evolution pay-per-view in 2019, there wasn't a sense of impatience or frustration. It simply faded into the noise that comes with the hectic WWE lifestyle.

"We're not really impatient," Bayley said. "We all work pretty consistently, so it's not like we're missing out on a night of work or anything like that. It was just more that we didn't know why and it was never brought up in conversation or brought up to us, so we didn't know why we didn't have it. But I don't think any of us asked either. Our schedule moves so fast and this lifestyle is so fast-paced, so it's not like we sat down and said, 'Why are we not doing this?' Since we're not too far along from October now, I think maybe I should put that question out there.

"Anytime is a good time to do it. Pandemic or not. We did WrestleMania during the pandemic. Why not have Evolution, too?"

Bayley also spoke about her current run as SmackDown women's champion, joking that her title reign feels like it will never end. Bayley won the championship on the Oct. 11, 2019 edition of SmackDown, beating Charlotte Flair, who had won the title from Bayley less than a week earlier.

She has since dispatched challenger after challenger while also winning the women's tag team titles with Banks. The duo enter this weekend's Extreme Rules pay-per-view with the chance to hold all women's gold on Raw and SmackDown. Bayley will defend her title against Nikki Cross while Banks challenges Asuka for the Raw women's title.

"It's a lot. It's been such a long time and it feels like I've been champion forever," Bayley said. "But I have literally been champion for a long time. It's crazy to think back on when I won it and everything I've been through since then. I can't believe I've actually done it all. There have been times when I won the title back when Sasha wasn't in WWE at the time; she had taken some time off. The fact that I was even able to do that without her and kind of go through that without having my rock next to me -- it's something hard to get through. But now she's been back, and we've kind of taken over and won the tag titles together and it's just the coolest thing. I feel like things happen for a reason, and this has been a long time coming.

"I've had an awesome run, and I think I'm just going to be undefeated for the rest of my career. You don't need to interview anybody else after this, there will be no more champions."