WATCH: Ref slaps player with technical, toss him from game for vicious dunk

Arguing with referees, getting into physical altercations, or even a coach jawing off are all among the reasons why technical fouls are typically assessed within basketball games. So consider me stunned when I learned that Louisiana Tech was assessed a technical – leading to an ejection! – on Thursday for … dunking too hard.

That's right. In the second half of the Bulldogs' 83-65 win over Charlotte, senior guard Jacobi Boykins was slapped with an egregious technical foul for putting a little too much sauce when slamming it home. It was his second technical foul of the game which earned him an early exit.

Even more baffling is the situation: the referee under the basket who watched the play unfold did nothing, but coming all the way from the other side of the floor across halfcourt, the other ref quickly threw up his "T" and made the call.


After the dunk, Boykin, clearly ecstatic about the dunk he'd completed, flashed a quick glance at the poor Charlotte defender he'd just yammed on. So maybe the ref thought he saw a taunt or heard a fan in the stands utter a cuss word and got his ears tricked. But to call a technical in that situation – and from the other side of the floor, no less! – is something I've never seen before.

And it's something I hope to never see again. Let the man jam!

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