Tiger Woods will return to competitive golf this week, and it will look rather different for him from an equipment standpoint. Woods will still play his normal Nike irons, but he will also employ a Bridgestone ball, TaylorMade woods, new Nike shoes and an old Scotty Cameron putter.

"Charlie [Tiger's son] knows there are two putters he can't touch," Woods said on Tuesday. "There's that black one I won ... the Masters in 1997, and this one. They sit next to each other. Touch any other putter. Do anything you want with any other putter. These putters are off limits. These two only. Daddy only."

Woods has won every major besides that 1997 Masters with his Scotty Cameron.

Woods' Cameron is made from German stainless steel and is 35.25 inches long with a standard lie angle. At one point, Woods had 1/4-degree of loft added to the putter to bring it back to its standard 4 degrees. In this era of somewhat heavier flat sticks, the club's 326 grams is a touch on the lighter side, although its swingweight of D7 is pretty much standard for a blade putter. The club's markings include a single sight dot and a red "cherry dot" on both the face and in the back cavity. The putter also has a blank sole, with "Tiger" engraved on the left bumper and "Woods" on the right bumper. The club features a Ping grip with the "Ping" name blacked out and was re-shafted twice over its first 10 years.

With Nike now out of the equipment business and Tiger back to his Scotty Cameron, that means that while Woods won a lot with his Nike putter (which he started using in 2010), he never won a major championship and he never will (presumably).