Owners approve move to 2-2-1-1-1 format for Finals

Last month, the NBA's competition committee reportedly approved a motion to move the Finals back to a 2-2-1-1-1 format (2 games at home for the higher seed, 2 games at home for the lower seed, one away higher, one away lower, Game 7 at home for the higher seed). It still had to be approved. 

At the owner's meetings on Wednesday, the league voted to approve the change. 

Stern has a point here. Protecting the "advantage of the higher seed is important for the integrity of the game. You play the game, supposedly, for a reason, and your success should provide you with an advantage, if there is to be one. 

I for one am still in favor of moving Games 3 and 4 to neutral court somewhere fancy, like Vegas or New Orleans, to make it more of a spectacle. The Finals already stretch on forever, might as well make it more fun. 

You wonder what teams could have been effected by this change in the past. Do the Heat take Game 5 back in their home building and avoid having to go seven and their brush with elimination?

Either way, this is the new law, and it means more travel if a series goes long, but a more fair set up for the better team up front.

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