Video: Tyler Hansbrough protects his brother Ben

Nobody beats up my brother but me!

That's probably something Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough was yelling to Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson after Thompson "accidentally" caught Ben Hansbrough with an elbow while wrestling for the ball.

Ben Hansbrough is on an NBA team for the first time in his career, joining big brother Tyler on the Pacers this season. Wednesday night, he and Thompson got tangled up going for a rebound. Thompson's protective facemask came off as he pulled the ball away from Pacers players, finishing off the rip with a seemingly inadvertent elbow to the little Hansbrough's face.

This sent Tyler into a rage as he jumped to the defense of his brother, shouting enough expletives at the Cavs' second-year player to re-establish the nickname "Psycho T." Thompson ended up with a flagrant foul. 

This is one of the most touching family moments in the NBA, especially during the holiday season.

(Video via Eight Points, Nine Seconds)

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