WATCH: Steve Kerr solves Rubik's Cube after announcing news on Stephen Curry

Steve Kerr likes to have fun with the media sometimes. The other night he brought out nail clippers so the media would have time to tweet out updates on Kevin Durant's status for the game. He had so much fun that he decided to do it again for the status of Stephen Curry before the Warriors take on the Magic.

Curry will not be playing against the Magic, but Kerr wanted to make sure the media had time to announce that he's missing time. So he brought out a Rubik's Cube and solved it while waiting for everybody to tweet out updates. When asked if he had ever solved one before, Kerr simply stated, "Just did."

According to Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports, as he left the media room he informed everybody that his plan next time was to have a yo-yo with him. So be prepared for him to break out some sick tricks like walking the dog the next time a Warriors player enters a game with an uncertain status.

Honestly, while Kerr makes it look cool, solving a Rubik's Cube isn't as hard as it looks. It can be memorized and learned fairly quickly if someone is diligent enough and after that the process becomes as simple as muscle memory.

Kerr did say that was the first time he had ever solved one before so maybe he had been working on it all day. If that's the case then shouts to Steve Kerr on finally doing that. I've never solved the cube so who am I to say it's not hard.

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