2018 NFL Draft order: First 20 picks set, Browns have two picks in the top four

The first 20 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft are officially set, and the Cleveland Browns will pick twice inside of the top four if they don't make any trades before draft day. 

Cleveland became the second team in NFL history to finish a season 0-16, securing the No. 1 overall pick for the second consecutive season in the process.

Thanks to last year's draft day trade that sent the No. 12 overall pick to the Houston Texans, who selected eventual star quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Browns also own Houston's selection in this year's draft. The Texans stumbled after Watson's ACL tear and eventually finished 4-12. They will send the No. 4 pick to the Browns.

General manager John Dorsey should have his pick of quarterbacks at the top of the draft, with USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen, Wyoming's Josh Allen, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, and Louisville's Lamar Jackson considered the top available passers. After the Giants and Colts make their picks, the Browns will get to tab another top prospect. These two picks will be Cleveland's ninth and 10th first-round selections in the last five years. 

Below, you'll find the draft order as it stands now. 

Note: The official order of picks 21-32 will be determined by playoff results. For now, the teams are listed in order of regular-season record. 

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. New York Giants
  3. Indianapolis Colts
  4. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans)
  5. Denver Broncos
  6. New York Jets
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  8. Chicago Bears
  9. San Francisco 49ers*
  10. Oakland Raiders*
  11. Miami Dolphins
  12. Cincinnati Bengals
  13. Washington
  14. Green Bay Packers
  15. Arizona Cardinals
  16. Baltimore Ravens
  17. Los Angeles Chargers
  18. Seattle Seahawks
  19. Dallas Cowboys
  20. Detroit Lions
  21. Tennessee Titans
  22. Buffalo Bills
  23. Atlanta Falcons
  24. Carolina Panthers
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars
  26. Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City Chiefs)
  27. Los Angeles Rams
  28. New Orleans Saints
  29. Pittsburgh Steelers
  30. Minnesota Vikings
  31. Philadelphia Eagles
  32. New England Patriots

Here are a few more things to know about the draft order as it stands now: 

  • Picks No. 9 and 10 will be determined by a coin flip. 
  • Four of the first five picks will be made by AFC teams.
  • Every division has at least one team picking in the top 10. The AFC West is the only division that has two (Broncos, Raiders).
  • Three teams picking in the top 10 are already looking for new coaches (Giants, Colts, Raiders). This number will presumably be going up soon. 
  • Four of the five teams picking in the top six have quarterback situations that could charitably be described as "unsettled" (Browns, Giants, Broncos, Jets).
  • The Bills will have two picks in the 21-32 range, thanks to their playoff berth and last year's draft-day trade with the Chiefs that netted Patrick Mahomes for Kansas City. 
  • The 49ers won five straight games to end the season, lifting themselves out of the top five in the process.
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