Josh McDaniels finally talks to someone, admits he might not replace Bill Belichick

It's now been several days since Josh McDaniels made the shocking decision to take a pass on the Colts' head coaching job so he could stay in New England as the Patriots' offensive coordinator. 

In the four days since McDaniels has made that decision, we've heard from a lot of people -- including Colts general manager Chris Ballard -- but one person we haven't heard from is McDaniels. Although McDaniels has been keeping a low profile over the past few days, he did apparently speak to one person about his decision, and that person is former Patriots player Willie McGinest, who now works for the NFL Network. 

(Note: He did speak to a Boston-area reporter on Friday, but he didn't seem very happy about it.)

During an interview on Friday, McGinest confirmed what CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported earlier this week: There's no succession plan in place for McDaniels to take over for Bill Belichick. 

That's right, McDaniels apparently spurned the Colts with no guarantees from the Patriots that he might become the team's head coach one day. During an appearance on Friday with NFL Network, McGinest was asked specifically if McDaniels's new contract includes "some sort of succession plan?"

"Absolutely not," McGinest said. "I listen to a lot of people, 'He's taking over for Belichick in the next year or two.' That's Bill Belichick, nobody's going to just push him out of coaching. Ownership and Belichick, they have enough respect -- especially Josh -- for each other to know that that's never going to happen."

McGinest also added that there's no wink-and-nod agreement in place that says the Patriots have to promote McDaniels to head coach if Belichick retires. 

"There's no handshake deal," McGinest said. "The thing with Josh is, Josh wanted stability." 

One other thing that probably won't be happening anytime soon is a Belichick retirement party. McGinest made it sound like Belichick probably has a few more years left in him. 

"There is a situation, where at some point, Belichick may retire, but it's not going be in the contract and you're not going tell him when he's going to retire," McGinest said. "Too much respect and because he's the greatest coach to ever do it. It's never going to happen."

In the end, McDaniels decided to stay in New England, because he thought it was a better option than coaching the Colts. 

"The best place for him, where he wanted to be, where he wanted to stay, was in New England," McGinest said. 

So if there's no guarantee in place that would eventually make McDaniels head coach in New England, what did the Patriots give him to convince him to to stay? 

"A contract," McGinest said. "When you have a conversation where they tell you that you can be a coach in New England for as long as you want, and you have those conversations and you're loyal to the franchise and you're loyal to the head coach and you're loyal to a system that you helped built over a number of years."

One interesting point that McGinest did make had to do with Belichick. The Patriots coach has reportedly decided to mentor McDaniels in the inner workings of the Patriots, and we can probably all agree that Belichick wouldn't do that if he thought McDaniels was going to jump ship anytime soon. If Belichick has decided to explain to McDaniels key details of the team like how the Patriots construct their roster and they manage their salary cap space, then it's a good bet that McDaniels is going to be with the the team for the long haul. 

"He loves being under Bill Belichick and learning," McGinest said. "That's invaluable."

The only question now is whether McDaniels's future in New England will ever involve becoming the team's head coach. 

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