It's officially Masters weekend, which mean is golf is on the mind of many sports fans across the country. This apparently also includes members of the reptilian community.

Video posted on social media Thursday showed a terrifyingly large alligator sauntering through Valencia Golf Course in Naples, Fla. Gators in Florida are far from a rare occurrence, so that this creature -- particularly the size of this creature -- caught the attention of local media speaks volumes to the magnitude of this find.

It seems that the person who took this now viral video did so while riding in a golf cart and was at a reasonable distance. This appears to follow best practices when it comes to dealing with this kind of animal, according to a guide to gators by Key West Aquarium.

"When it comes to encounters with alligators, the best possible advice is to try your best not to have those encounters by staying a safe distance of at least 50 feet away," the site reads.

Key West Aquarium also makes sure to note that alligators, even the dinosaur-adjacent ones like this guy, "do not naturally regard humans as prey." Attacks are on the rise due to habitat loss, but they only really go after people if they commit irresponsible behavior like approaching and harassing them.