Mets' chicken has a happy ending

Tim Byrdak

It appears the ending for "Little Jerry Seinfeld" will be better than the last episode of his namesake's sitcom.

The Mets' Subway Series, a chicken dubbed "Little Jerry Seinfeld" will head to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y. to live out the rest of his life.

"Little Jerry found himself a new home," said Mets reliever Tim Byrdak, according to "He avoids the fryer and the oven and everything else you can cook the chicken with. They rescue animals and this is one they definitely were interested in. The power of social media saved the bird's life today."

After Mets closer Frank Francisco called the Yankees "chickens," this week, Byrdak bought the live chicken in New York's Chinatown as a joke. Byrdak said he originally named him "Little Derek Jeter," but changed the name to honor one of the team's biggest fans. The name was also a shout-out to a Seinfeld episode in which Kramer buys what he thinks is a hen, but turns out to be a rooster. Kramer named it after his neighbor, Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld himself chimed in on Saturday, telling the New York Post, "As much as I enjoy the Byrdak humor, he should be aware LIttle Jerry Seinfeld is no chicken."

A good chuckle was had by all, but then Byrdak had a problem. He didn't know what to do with the chicken. So he went to Twitter.

That's where Farm Sanctuary came in, responding on Twitter that the chicken could live out its years there.

Byrdak added a $500 check to cover the bird's living expenses. He added he learned a valuable lesson: "Always plan ahead when you're going to get an animal," Byrdak said (via "Make sure you get someone to take care of it after you don't need him anymore really or find a home for him."

Or, you know, don't get an animal just for a one-day joke.

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