A new NBA season is underway and, once again, the Golden State Warriors are the team to beat. Fresh off two straight NBA titles and still loaded as ever, the Dubs have a great shot to three-peat this season.

But what, if anything, could potentially derail Golden State's quest for a third straight championship? It's an interesting question, and seemingly one with not a ton of answers. Key injuries always pose a threat, but the Warriors have so many stars that they'd have to get bit pretty hard by the injury bug. 

As far as other teams go, some people think the Rockets could give them a run for their money. Others believe the Celtics could emerge as a threat in the East. Maybe even the Lakers, 76ers or Raptors, depending on who you ask.

But what does Charles Barkley -- noted NBA analyst and absurdist -- think? We found out on Wednesday night's "NBA on TNT" broadcast and his list is a doozy.

To recap, here is a comprehensive list of the things that Chuck thinks could ruin the Warriors this season:

  • Injuries
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Snowstorms
  • "Some man-made Chernobyl"
  • Typhoons


Well, that's not a bad list, if we're being honest. Though it may be a bit of an oversight to leave earthquakes off the list, especially for a team that plays in the Bay Area. 

In any case, it seems all the Warriors need to do is stretch, play decent basketball and keep an eye on the Weather Channel and they should be in the clear for a third straight title.