VIDEO: Hawks parody 'Blurred Lines' for conduct PSA

So before every NBA game, the teams issue a public service announcement to the fans about behavior. It's pretty basic stuff: don't fight, don't use obscene gestures, don't throw stuff. It's the same rules as on a school bus, essentially; hands, feet, and all personal objects to yourself.

Well, the Hawks decided to havea little fun with it, to the tune of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines

Hey, this one has a lot fewer blatant issues with sexual objectification and potentially depending on who you talk to glorification of rape culture. And it teaches great lessons! Double win! (PS: The basketball falling down the spine of the cheerleader was unnecessary.)

Some highlights: 

"HARRY THE HAWK HAS A BIG BEAK": I died. Just died laughing. 

#Jailbird and the entire arrest sequence. Also the obsecene gestures moment. Pretty much anything with the mascot is gold, here. 

"And don't throw objects ... no throwing objects." I just liked the way that sounded. 

Anytime a cheerleader with gigantic boxing gloves is knocking out a mascot, I'm in. 

There is a little too much with the cheerleaders and the closeups of the face but hey, it's a marked improvement in that area over the original vid. 


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