WATCH: Aaron Gordon's tomahawk dunk will amaze you

In-game dunks are so much harder than dunk contest dunks. You have opponents, you're being contested, you're more tired ... everything is more difficult. So when you pull them off, the reward is that much greater. 

And Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon makes them all look like dunk contest dunks. Against the Nets on Tuesday, Gordon took off from a step inside the free-throw line, and tomahawked this bad boy so hard I'm pretty sure they felt it in Cape Canaveral. 

Reminder: this guy finished as a runner-up in the dunk contest. I already can't wait to see him vs. Zach LaVine in a rematch. 

Aaron Gordon can straight-up fly. (USATSI)
Aaron Gordon can straight-up fly. (USATSI)

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