The first big surprise of the 2018 NFL Draft was the Browns taking Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick. The next big surprise came a pick later when the Giants -- who have needs at quarterback because 37-year-old Eli Manning has a year, maybe two, left -- rushed to the podium to announce that Penn St. running back Saquon Barkley was their guy.

And according to new general manager Dave Gettleman, there were no real considerations of taking a quarterback like Sam Darnoldor Josh Allen or Josh Rosen, or entertaining calls about trading out of the pick altogether.

"We all had such a conviction on this kid that at the end of the day ... the only reason that pick wasn't in at 9:58 was because we had to wait until the five-minute mark," Gettleman said of Barkley, according to "Otherwise it would have been in."

Gettleman explained further during an interview with ESPN.

"Basically, once Cleveland took Baker, I told our guys, 'Don't even waste your time. We're taking Saquon and we're going to run.'"

On paper, this will make life eminently easier for Manning, who spent much of the 2017 season running for his life. And Gettleman will kindly disabuse you of any notion that he wavered in this decision

"What's the long-term plan with the quarterback? (Manning) is going to play," Gettleman told reporters Thursday evening. "What do you want me to tell you? He is our quarterback. We believe in him. He threw the hell out of the ball for three days (in minicamp). He has not lost one bit of arm strength."

Yeah, but Manning's 37. That's a concern, right?

Turns out, no, no it is not.

"You have to stop worrying about age," Gettleman continued. "Oh, by the way, Julius Peppers played last year at 38, Mike (Adams) played at 37. There are some guys that are just freaks. (Tom) Brady is 41. I mean c'mon: He is our quarterback."

This aligns with what first-year coach Pat Shurmur said earlier in the week, all of which makes the Giants' quarterback since 2004 understandably happy.

"I guess he hasn't been around too many 37-year-olds maybe," Manning said. "I feel good. I'm moving around well. I'm always working on my flexibility and my conditioning and offseason lifting and everything, so I haven't relaxed on that in any sense. I know I need that to kind of keep up with those other guys, but I feel good in that sense and I have to keep it that way."

So no, the Giants didn't land that franchise quarterback despite reports in the days leading up to the draft that they might consider trading up to No. 1 to take Darnold. That didn't happen. And hours before the draft, there was a report that the Giants would entertain trade offers -- the Broncos were mentioned as one team interested in trading up to land a quarterback. That didn't happen either. 

But New York did land the draft's most explosive running back. And he'll join an offense that includes 2014 first-rounder Odell Beckham Jr. and last year's first-round pick, tight end Evan Engram. And, oh by the way, New York could be in the Dez Bryant business too.  Barkley is the latest addition to a Giants team that limped to three wins last season but could be primed for a turnaround in 2018.