LOOK: Anthony Barr still getting horrific hate mail over Aaron Rodgers' injury

After sitting out the past two months due to his collarbone injury, Aaron Rodgers will finally be making his return to the field on Sunday when the Packers play at Carolina. 

Although Rodgers' recovery is now complete, it appears that there are several Packers fans out there who aren't quite over the fact that their star quarterback was lost for eight weeks during the middle of the season. 

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr was the player who inadvertently injured Rodgers back in October, and he's still getting hate mail over the tackle that led to Rodgers' injury. With Rodgers set to return this week, Barr took to social media to give everyone an idea of the hate mail that he's still receiving. 

In one particular letter, one fan said the hoped that Barr ends up like Darryl Stingley, a former Patriots player who was paralyzed during a game in 1978. 

"Proud of yourself? You're a piece of s---," the letter says. "You didn't have to throw him to the ground and purposely come down on top of him. Did you jump for joy when heard his c-bone crack? SOB bastard. Come [December 23], hope you get your neck snapped. Remember [Darryl] Stingley? Your payback is coming. Piece of s---. Packers."

Anthony Barr is still receiving hate mail over Aaron Rodgers' injury Snapchat

Barr, who doesn't usually share his hate mail, explained why he decided to share this letter

"I thought it was funny that someone would take the time to address something like that, but to each his own," Barr told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

With the Vikings set to take on the Packers in Week 16, Barr doesn't think his hate mail is going to stop showing up anytime soon. 

"I don't feel it's going to stop," Barr said. "So it kind of is what it is."

The Vikings linebacker has also been been on the receiving end of dozens of tweets from fans who are hoping that he gets injured this season. 

"I don't usually read them," Barr said of the tweets. "Sometimes you can't ignore it."

As for Rodgers, it's not clear if there's still any bad blood between Barr and the Packers quarterback. The two players got into a war of words in October that ended with Barr ripping Rodgers on social media

"I don't really care [about Rodgers' return]," Barr said this week. "It doesn't really affect me or this football team in any way. We have a game to worry about [against the Bengals on Sunday]. I'm sure they're thrilled about it. I'm sure he's thrilled to be back, but my focus is here with the Vikings."

The Vikings will be traveling to Green Bay in Week 16 for a Saturday showdown that will air at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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