Doug Armstrong's interesting take on what Blues need for killer instinct

Doug Armstrong thinks his team needs a killer instinct. (Getty Images)
Doug Armstrong thinks his team needs a killer instinct. (Getty Images)

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For the second straight season, the St. Louis Blues are done after losing their first-round series against the defending champs.

Even more frustrating, it was the second straight playoff exit when the Blues took a 2-0 series lead and didn't win another game. That's leading to some tough questions about the Blues and is bringing up talk of that "killer instinct" we hear referred to so often.

Blues GM Doug Armstrong knows of that saying too. And he took that analogy to a pretty morbid level on Tuesday when reflecting on the season.

Simple enough. That killer instinct needs to show up in that situation, to end the non-living entity that is the season for the Blackhawks. Now for the rest ...

Well, that is quite the picture Armstrong is painting there, isn't it?

It probably could have sufficed to stop at the needing to finish a team when up 2-0 but that just doesn't have the same impact as basically recapping a scene from the first season of Dexter. That's not needing a killer instinct, that's needing a serial killer's instincts.

The Blues had another excellent regular season that is going to yield little in terms of playoff results so you can understand being upset at his team's inability to "finish them." It's easy to get the feeling they just might overreact to this playoff exit and alter a group that has obviously been good together.

As to what kind of changes we'll see, you can mark one down in net. The Blues finished with the duo of Ryan Miller and Brian Elliott but each of them are free agents and one, if not both, won't be back. Armstrong said that Jake Allen will be called up and will be one of their two goaltenders.

As to Miller, he said they will need to talk and see what Miller is even thinking before they have an idea what lies ahead there.

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