No supplemental discipline for Senators-Canadiens, Rene Bourque

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Game 3 between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens got out of hand fast on Sunday. It featured a line brawl, lost teeth, a slew of penalty minutes, players shooting pucks at benches and even a fly-by elbow. None of it will garner supplemental discipline from the NHL.

Overall, that's easy to see. There was so much that happened but not much of it deserving of suspensions. It was old-time hockey with hatred. Fighting is still a part of hockey so you can't do much about the big donneybrook.

But the big question was how even Rene Bourque avoided suspension. He clearly and blatantly threw an elbow right to the head of Ottawa's Cory Conacher. It was in plain sight and caught on camera. It was also very clearly nothing but an elbow to the head, not a body check gone awry or anything else like that because Conacher is short. It was a chicken wing directly to the head.

Here, watch it for youself over and over again and see if you can spot anything but a reckless elbow.

It's almost as if the league just thew its hands up and said "We're not getting involved in this game at all" because that hit is precisely what the NHL has said it doesn't want to see. It was pointless, dirty and dangerous. Why the NHL wouldn't act on it is beyond me.

That's especially true when you consider Bourque was suspended five games last season for elbowing Nicklas Backstrom in the head. What's so different about that play from this one?

It will probably be back to business as usual for Game 4; these games are too important to have a ton of carryover. Then again, business as usual in this series has so far meant it's going to be nasty. Ill will is building up faster than the NHL can deal with it, apparently.

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