Rob Schumacher / USA TODAY Sports

LA28, the organizing committee for the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles released its official emblem on Tuesday for the global sporting event. The logo is meant to be representative of the digital age it is being released in, therefore it is not only animated, but intended to evolve over time in reflection of the city's spirit, according to a press release from the organization.

"Los Angeles defies a singular identity, and there's not one way to represent LA," said LA28 Chief Athlete Officer and five-time Olympic medalist Janet Evans. "LA is what it is because of the people and the LA28 Games should represent that. The best way to capture the energy of Los Angeles and the Games is through a collection of voices. Los Angeles is an infinite canvas to pursue your wildest dreams and in 2028, thousands of Paralympians and Olympians will come to LA to chase their dreams on the global stage."

The image was posted to Twitter and showed that while the L, 2 and 8 remains static, the A remains interchanging. The committee says that this allows for a spectrum of stories to be represented.

"The emblem perfectly represents the city's energy, creativity and strong sense of community, while also celebrating the Olympic belief of unity in diversity," said LA28 Coordination Commission Chair Nicole Hoevertsz. "LA28 continues to create innovative ways to engage Angelenos and people from across the world in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The idea behind the emblem, and the expressions we have seen so far, truly demonstrate that we are stronger together."

The 2028 games will be the third time that Los Angeles has hosted the Olympics (1932 and 1984) and the first time the city will host the Paralympic Games, which only started sharing a host city with the Olympics in 1988.