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In early February there was curiosity within men's college basketball over whether there'd be more than 30 jobs that could change, due in part to lingering financial concerns from the ongoing pandemic.

Turns out, it's 60. This year's coaching carousel turned into one of the noisiest of the past decade. And it's also been a rare year not just in terms of volume, but quality of job. North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Arizona can all reasonably be labeled top-10 gigs in college basketball. All opened this year. Who knows how long it will be before we have another carousel cycle that features four of the 10-12 best jobs all coming open? Pretty fascinating. 

It will also be interesting to check in four or five years from now and see which decisions are working out and which, maybe, are not.

The most recent major news came April 14: Arizona hired Gonzaga chief assistant Tommy Lloyd, who was connected to this job behind the scenes even before Sean Miller was fired April 7. Lloyd, who signed a five-year deal, has never been a head coach, but he arguably was the best assistant in college basketball. 

Another big one to fill: Cincinnati needed less than a week to replace John Brannen. UNC Greensboro coach Wes Miller was hired to a six-year deal worth approximately $8 million before incentives, sources told CBS Sports. Miller went 183-135 in 10 seasons at UNCG. 

The closings at Arizona and Cincinnati mean that every job in a Major Seven conference has now been filled. There were 15 in all -- that amounts to 17.4% of all the jobs in those seven leagues changing this year. 

Here are the 60 (!) jobs that have had turnover to this point. Two posts still need to be officially filled.