Short of winning the national championship, fewer things are as important in college football as scoring the No. 1 spot on the AP Poll. The Georgia Bulldogs have done just that, coming out of the gate swinging. The team tops the preseason AP Top 25, released Monday. This is the Bulldogs' first time topping the preseason AP Top 25.

It's no surprise the Georgia Bulldogs are sports journalists' favored team this season. The two-time defending national champions, entering their eighth season under head coach Kirby Smart, upset the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2022 national championship. Alabama entered the 2021 and 2022 seasons at No. 1 in those two seasons' preseason AP Top 25 rankings. Since then, the (crimson) tides have changed, with the Bulldogs becoming the team to beat.

We can't think of a better way to (humble) brag your Bulldogs allegiance than with a fresh new pair of Georgia Bulldogs branded Nike Pegasus 40, a part of Nike's just-dropped college football shoe collection. Go Dawgs!

Get your Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pegasus 40

Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pegasus 40 


As if Bulldogs fans needed a reason to fully flex their fandom, starting the 2023 NCAA college football season with the top ranking on the preseason AP Top 25 poll should serve as incentive to level up your Bulldogs fan gear, or join the bandwagon (no judgement).  

Just in time for the 2023 NCAA college football season, Nike dropped its college shoe collection -- this year the Nike Pegasus 40 its college shoe of choice. The Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pegasus 40 features the team's red and black Bulldogs color way and the team's "G" logo on the heel. This is a top-quality Nike shoe, which features extra cushioning where you need it, the footbed and toe.

Find it at Nike for $140.

Why we like the Georgia Bulldogs Nike Pegasus 40:

  • The official Georgia Bulldogs design will definitely get you noticed on game day.
  • The Nike Pegasus 40 is designed with a mind to improved comfort in sensitive areas of your foot, like the arch and toes.
  • This sneaker has medium cushioning and high responsiveness, which means it provides superior energy return for runners.
$140 at Nike

How does the AP Top 25 work

The AP poll first began in 1936. Each season, more than 60 sports writers and broadcasters across the country cast their individual votes for the top 25 teams. The AP poll is still key in deciding which teams compete in the race for the national championship. It's also a source for endless debates over which team should top the list.

Week by week, voters make their list of the top 25 teams in college football. They then attribute points to each team, with the No. 1 pick earning the most points. The AP (Associated Press) then tallies all the votes and releases a new list each week.

The first-ever preseason Top 25 rankings were released prior to the 1950 NCAA college footballs eason. Notre Dame topped the poll, followed by No. 2 Army, No. 3 Michigan, No. 4 Tennessee, and No. 5 Texas. No. 6 Oklahoma went on to with the national championship that year.

The Georgia Bulldogs have won the national championship the past two seasons and hope to win a third this year. Minnesota is the only team to score an official three peat with three straight national championships in 1934, 1935 and 1936.

The preseason AP Top 25

  1. Georgia (60)
  2. Michigan (2)
  3. Ohio State (1)
  4. Alabama
  5. LSU 
  6. USC
  7. Penn State
  8. Florida State
  9. Clemson 
  10. Washington
  11. Texas 
  12. Tennessee
  13. Notre Dame
  14. Utah 
  15. Oregon
  16. Kansas State
  17. TCU
  18. Oregon State
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Oklahoma
  21. North Carolina
  22. Ole Miss
  23. Texas A&M
  24. Tulane
  25. Iowa

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