2018 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 10-team 5x5 Rotisserie mock draft

Most of our content is geared toward 12-team leagues. Not everything needs to be defined by league size, certainly, but when something does, that's the go-to.

Thing is not everybody has 11 friends.

No, it's OK! I don't either. Fortunately, my field provides me with dozens of like-minded individuals eager to put their drafting skills to the test, and so when I need them for, say, a 10-team Rotisserie mock draft like this one, they can function as friends. It's like a fraternity of sorts. Or maybe they secretly hate me because I have a full-time gig. Who knows!

But enough about me for right now. Let's talk about Heath Cummings, who put his money where his mouth is and took Jose Altuve rather than Mike Trout with the No. 1 pick. Given the shortage of standout second basemen and the need to secure both batting average and stolen bases early in a Rotisserie draft, I think it's defensible pick. Not saying I'd do it, but he's the one player who I think you could make the case to select ahead of Trout, if only in this format.

And I think in a shallower league, you have to give a greater thought to scarcities like the one at the top of the second base rankings. Lineups are going to be stronger overall and fallback options more plentiful, meaning there are few places to gain a real advantage over your competition. It's partly why I considered taking Corey Kluber with the third pick of Round 2 even though Bryce Harper was miraculously there. It's probably why Carlos Correa and Manny Machado both went ahead of him.

Starting pitcher, though, is the position where the gap between the haves and have-nots figures to be widest, if for no other reason than because the number of pitchers tasked with or even capable of handling an ace workload is dwindling. And typically, those who do it just so happen to deliver some of the best ratios, too.

So I couldn't pass up Harper in Round 2. That's fair. What about Corey Seager late in Round 3? Maybe, but shortstop -- there's an advantage to be gained there. And then Dee Gordon in Round 4 gave me a big steals advantage, allowing me to treat them as an afterthought going forward. I still ended up taking starting pitchers in Rounds 5, 6 and 7, so it's not like a short-changed the position.

For the rest of the draft, though, I still felt like I was swimming in hitters, knowing I had spots to fill but unable to decide between four or five more or less equitable options. Maybe passing up Gordon for another arm would have helped just by narrowing my focus in those later rounds to players who could give me a dozen or more steals. As it is, I'm not sure I did much to distance myself from my competition with those picks.

It's true to some extent in a 12-team context but glaringly so with only 10 teams. In this era of oversaturated hitting, we're all still adjusting.

And the "we" here, to be clear, are me and these frenemies of mine:

  1. Heath Cummings, CBS Sports
  2. Chris Towers, CBS Sports
  3. Phil Ponebshek, Patton & Company
  4. Mike Kuchera, The Fantasy Man
  5. George Maselli, CBS Sports
  6. Pasko Varnica, Creativesports
  7. Danny Cross, Creativesports
  8. Scott White, CBS Sports
  9. malamoney, Razzball
  10. Adam Aizer, CBS Sports

The categories are the standard 5x5: batting average, home runs, RBI, runs and stolen bases for hitters and wins, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts and saves for pitchers.

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