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Bartolo Colon is a treasure. (USATSI)

Mets starter Bartolo Colon will turn 43 years old this season and he's still finding ways to be productive. He struck out seven without walking any while allowing just one run in six innings Saturday. He took the loss, but that's because his Mets were shut out.

Colon, however, is more notable these days for being an utter GIF/Vine machine. Whether it's watching him hit -- and seeing his helmet fly off -- run the bases or field around the mound, the Internet loves it some Bartolo entertainment.

On Saturday, he did not disappoint. Even when it's not his own doing, such as the Mets broadcast accidentally painting him blue for a quick second:

There was another helmet falling off during a wild swing.

And then the main course, Bartolo grabbing an over-the-shoulder catch on a pop-up bunt!

Yes, MLB mashed it together with the great Willie Mays and his most famous catch:

As my colleague Dayn Perry would quip: Excelsior!

Please never retire, Bartolo.