Manny Ramirez's contract with Japanese team includes some interesting perks

We learned not so long ago that 44-year-old slugger Manny Ramirez had signed on to play with the independent-league Kochi Fighting Dogs of Japan. 

Ramirez was recently introduced in Japan as a member of the Fighting Dogs, and at the same time some interesting details about his contract came to light. The Yakyu Database did the work of translating info from various sources, and they wrote up said contract details ... 

  • He has been given use of a Mercedes Benz that will be driven by team staff.
  • He is staying in a hotel suite priced at about 80,000 yen (about $700) per night.
  • While he’s with the team, he gets all the sushi he can eat.
  • The team is planning to open an English site offering Manny merchandise.
  • Practices are apparently optional.

Let us now hit the key points: unlimited sushi and possibly optional practices. Also, Manny will be known on the back of his jersey as “Manny,” and he’ll wear No. 99. Also, his contract does not prevent him from signing with an NPB team at some point. 

Outgoing? Well-struck baseballs off the bat of Manny, Fighting Dogs DH. Incoming? Lots of delicious sushi.

(Wink of CBS eye: Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

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