Players often get ejected for arguing ball and strikes throughout the course of a Major League Baseball game. However, Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg added an interesting twist when he was ejected during Thursday's game between the Nationals and the New York Mets when he was sitting in the stands.

Nationals pitcher Austin Voth fired a pitch to Mets slugger Pete Alonso that appeared to be in the strike zone, but home plate umpire Carlos Torres called the 2-2 pitch a ball. Many questioned the call and Nationals manager Davey Martinez exchanged some words with Torres when Torres signaled for an ejection. At first, many believe that Torres was ejected Martinez, but he actually signaled for the ejection of Strasburg.

The Mets broadcast was even perplexed as to who was being ejected from the game. Eventually, everyone figured out that Strasburg was the one that was given his walking papers.

The 2019 World Series MVP tipped his cap and simply walked up the aisle to exit from his seat. 

Voth was around the strike zone throughout Alonso's at-bat with the majority of the pitches looking like strikes. However, Torres decided to call Voth's borderline 2-2 pitch a ball.

Players have been sitting in the stands when they're not playing in an effort for the league to practice social distancing. This is certainly the first time that anyone has seen a player ejected while they were sitting in the stands.