Report: Tyronn Lue will join Cavs' coaching staff as associate coach

Tyronn Lue will still join Cavs coaching staff but as an assistant.
Tyronn Lue will still join Cavs coaching staff but as an assistant. (USATSI)

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Tyronn Lue was in the running for the Cleveland Cavaliers' coaching position that opened up when the team fired Mike Brown one season after bringing him back to their sidelines. After interviewing several times with the Cavs about the position, it was down to Lue and David Blatt as the final two candidates. Blatt was hired on Friday to be the coach but Lue will still be a part of the staff.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting the Cavs have hired Lue as the associate head coach, making him the right hand man of Blatt on the staff. The Cavaliers still have to round out their entire coaching staff but this brings their top two candidates to the same coaching staff, which rarely happens for a team.

Lue is most famous for being an Allen Iverson irritant back in the 2001 NBA Finals. As a member of the Lakers back then, he was a reserve guard who didn't play much until the NBA Finals when he was asked to hawk Iverson at all times. After an 11-year career in the NBA, Lue joined the Celtics' staff as an assistant under Doc Rivers. He was with the Celtics until Rivers took over the coaching duties of the Clippers last season. Lue joined on Rivers staff in Los Angeles last season.

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