VIDEO: Andre Iguodala's crossover makes Quincy Miller breakdance

Golden State Warriors' forward Andre Iguodala is widely regarded as a really nice guy, but I bet if you asked Denver Nuggets' forward Quincy Miller if that's the case, he'd have to disagree. In the first quarter of Thursday night's game, Iguodala started a fast break with Miller trying to hound him and force a turnover. Instead, he forced his ankles into submission and took to the floor.

With the way Miller went down after Iguodala went behind the back and then into a quick right-to-left crossover, I expected him to start spinning on the ground after breaking out some cardboard as a mini dance floor. The movie Breakin' would be proud of Miller's quickness to the ground but not with his lack of commitment to finishing his dance routine. 

That was just filthy.

CBS Sports Writer

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